The World Senior Championship begins

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11/19/2016 – Marianske Lazne or Marienbad is a popular spa town in the Czech Republic and it is a town with a rich chess history. In 1925 Nimzowitsch and Rubinstein shared first in a famous tournament here and over the years the city has been host to a whole number of important chess events. This year, from 18th November to 30th November, the World Senior Chess Championship takes place in the beautiful spa town.

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Marienbad (Photo: Walter J. Pilsak, Wikipedia)

Strong veterans start at the World Senior Championship

Text: Mark Ginsburg

The 26th incarnation of the World Senior Chess Championship kicked off in Marianske Lazne, a spa town in the west of the Czech Republic near the German border, on 18th November. It will conclude on 30th November after 11 rounds and is very well attended. Players start in 4 open sections.

Top seeds in the Men’s 50+ group are GMs Sturua (GEO), Matamoros (ECU), Antonio (PHI), A. Ivanov (USA), and H. Danielsen (ICE) with 162 players starting. I was amused to see A. Ivanov in the pre-tournament entry list because I managed to defeat him in an upset in New Orleans at this year’s U.S. Senior to give me first place, but here he is again. It is far-fetched but not impossible to imagine we might play again since the tournament is top heavy.

In the Men’s 65+ group we have GM’s Vaisser (FRA), Torre (PHI), Sveshnikov (RUS),  IM Zhelnin (RUS), and GM Okhotnik (FRA) as top seeds. Further down we see grizzled notable veterans such as Jansa, Vasiukov and Kupreichik. There are an impressive 265 players starting.

In the Women’s 50+, we have WGM’s Elvira Berend (LUX), Galina Strutinskaia (RUS), and Shilan Liu (CHN) heading up a 25 player field. Finally in the Women’s 65+, we have GM Nona Gaprindashvili (GEO), WGM Elena Fatalibekova (RUS), and WIM Ludmila Tsifanskya (ISR) heading up to an 18 player field.

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