The Ugandans are coming!

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10/21/2005 – Recently the Ugandan Chess Federation staged a qualification tournament to determine which of their national team would be included in a trip to Germany. After tie-break games eight player were selected, and spent some quality time in the beautiful town of Forcheim. Harold Wanyama reports.

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The Ugandan National Team in Germany

By Wanyama Harold

Our Ugandan National Team comprised of eleven members, three officials and eight players. We had to play a qualifying round to see who would get to go through to Germany. It was held in three different areas, and boy or boy was it hectic! The were actually the hardest qualifiers ever played in Uganda, in that three people tied for first place and six others tied for second! And only six of these had to be chosen (two players sponsored themselves). So there had to be tie-breaks and three people survived – the other three were booted. We were Harold Wanyama, Stephen Kawuma, Moses kawuma, Wanderema Paul, Paul Oyese, Washabe Fred, Kantinti. The officials were Kikonyogo John, Kaamu Joseph and Barumba Enoch. Hopefully this may become a yearly event.

First stop over at Nairobi Airport, with me showing my well-known skills at blitz

This is the East and Central African Champion Moses Kawuma, who has a FIDE rating is 2217. So you can see how much room we have for improvement. But Moses hopes to beat Topalov if given the chance at the world title. Just wait and see!

Above we are in the beautiful town of Forcheim. At the center are the national coach (glasses) and the Uganda Chess Federation President Mr Joseph Kaamu and Mr Enoch Barumba. At the extreme right is a former national chess champion and who promised to give the Germans a run for their money (though I think hes the one that was getting a bloody nose). The lovely ladies are our hosts in Forcheim.

This is me, Wanyama Harold, looking a bit like a tramp. The green bag contatains the days lunch and not some magic portion. Behind me are the rest of my teammates and a reporter from a local newspaper in Forcheim.

The whole team, and some of the people helping us to setlle in Forcheim. The tallest guy at the back is our organizer for the stay in Forcheim, Mr Udo.

At the Mayor's in Forcheim. We look like we have just won the lottery – just look at those smiles!

Oh, isn't that cute? Me and Stefan Lang after his anlysis with us of some good games.

Sitting on the left is probably the strongest player in Ugandan chess, Stephen Kawuma, who was beaten by the kid in just 16 moves (I'm only joking!). The other two are our president and Paul Oyese.

Ugandans enjoying a nice beer at a dinner we had at the home of one of our hosts

At the Forcheim Elo tournament. On the left is GM Micheal Prusikin, who was slowly grinding his opponent to death. He gave us a lecture after the tournament and it was informative.

Ugandans know how to relax. Mr kikonyongo John, an official and player, chilling out. Expect to see him in the next James Bond movie.

At the Pulvermuhle, the place where Bobby Fischer was hiding for some time. This is GM Bezold, who taught all of us a chess lesson by winning 11-0! Anyways I was closest in beating him, but of course only scores count.

I end with a picture of me, of course – ready to fight of any intruduers in the town of Forcheim.

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