The Too Tough for ChessBase Trivia Contest

by ChessBase
3/18/2003 – How could anything be too tough for ChessBase readers? If you can answer all 15 of these questions correctly, it will prove that nothing is too tough! Beat Lasker on his birthday? Father preferred dominoes? Orange juice? Bears in trees?!? Win a copy of Shredder, a book signed by Kasparov, or training newsletters. Good luck! More..

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Too Tough?

"Mig, send us some trivia questions for our Christmas puzzles," the guys at ChessBase asked me. No problem, I sent them off. "Ach, nein" they replied, "these are too hard! Even our brilliant, handsome, and talented readers wouldn't be able to answer more than two or three of these."

So instead I posted them to the ChessNinja message boards, where the geniuses hang out. Members BlkSabb, penguin_with_visor, and Eduardo Waghabi won prizes, although nobody got all the answers correct. So now that the ChessBase people have made the mistake of leaving me with the passwords while they are on vacation, it can be asked: Are my questions Too Tough for ChessBase?

The person to e-mail with the most correct answers before April 1 wins their choice of Shredder 7, a copy of the book "Kasparov vs the World" hand-signed by the world #1, and a six-month subscription to the ChessNinja e-mail training newsletters. (Second prize choses between the remaining two items, third prize is what's left!) If two people tie for the most correct answers, the person who sent them in first wins. One submission per person, please.

1) The first three chapters of which Grandmaster's book are titled, "A Chess Player in the Making", "The Nazi Occupation", "With the Victorious Army"?
2) What color did Nigel Short dye his hair before the 1997 FIDE world championship?
3) In 1964, whom did Bobby Fischer say Paul Morphy would beat in a match?
4) Of what did Gata Kamsky's father Rustam accuse Garry Kasparov and his associate Vladimir Dvorkovich of doing to Gata at Linares, 1991?
5) Which world champion said that his learning chess was accidental, as his father preferred dominoes?
6) What is the significance of these players in this order: Van Wely, Yermolinsky, Topalov, Reinderman, Piket, Shirov, Kasimdzhanov?
7) Why didn't the great Indian player Sultan Khan ever read a chess book?
8) What was the prize for the winner of the 1916 match between Siegbert Tarrasch and Jacques Mieses?
9) Which world champion wrote an entire book about whether or not another world champion was the best player of all time?
10) Which player, on his 21st birthday, spectacularly defeated Emanuel Lasker?
11) Whose first book was about an opening bearing his name?
12) The Treasurer's Report page in the book on which tournament included $316.00 "For war tax on gate receipts"?
13) Which chess prize pictured a bear trying to climb a tree?
14) Which world champion wrote in a collection of his games, "If I do hypnotize people, it is certainly not by design"?
15) Which player was nicknamed "the terrible white knight" at the 1930 Hamburg Olympiad?

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