The third Danzhou tournament – chess and children

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6/4/2012 – If the Danzhou grandmaster tournament is celebrating its third edition, it is because the Danzhou Chess Federation also makes sure it is more than a congregation of the country's best players. It is a chance to give chess in its region a shot in the arm like few. On the rest day after round five, a full day of activities involving hundreds of children was organized. Pictorial by WGM Gu Xiaobing.

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The third Danzhou tournament – chess and children

Report and pictures by Gu Xiaobing

The third Hainan Danzhou Super Grand Master Chess Tournament began on May 29 in Danzhou. This year the ten players are: Wang Yue, Ding Liren, Ni Hua, Bu Xiangzhi, Yu Yangyi, Zhou Weiqi, Hou Yifan, Zhou Jianchao, Zhao Jun, and Wen Yang. China’s top two rated players, Wang Hao and Li Chao, for reasons unknown are not participating. The competition is more than simply a national tournament of the highest level, with a generous prizefund, the champion will be also earn a spot on the Chinese team and join them in the upcoming Olympiad in Istanbul.

Although the first rounds had an unusually high number of draws, they were fought out, and eventually the fighting spirit began to produce results, such as this powerhouse by Zhao Jun over Zhou Jianchao in round four. As there is no website for the games, special thanks must be extended to Mr. Zhang Yiping.

Game annotated by GM Zhao Jun

After the fifth round, a series of activities were organized to help promote chess among children. All the players took part in these events put together by the Danzhou Chess Federation and it was a big success.

The activities were in the Danzhou Siyuan Primary School

Every player was given charge of a child

GM Bu Xiangzhi was glad to make faces to entertain his charge

GM Zhao Jun and all players were given the red carpet treatment

A group shot with the grandmasters and children, some of whom seem to have already
run off...

A relaxed and jovial atmosphere was maintained

Women World Champion Hou Yifan gives an award to one of the children players

GM Wen Yang, Ding Liren and Zhao Jun also distributed awards

"Me! Me! I have a question!" (picture by Fan Lulu)

Pandora's box having been opened, a flood of questions soon followed (picture by Fan Lulu)

GM Wang Yue is reeling from some of the ones he had to answer

Question for defending champion GM Yu Yangyi from the hostess and chief arbiter
of the tournament, Ms. Liang Zhihua.

GM Bu Xiangzhi pays careful attention to his turn at answering questions

Hou Yifan plays in the simul

Multi-tasking is a part of it, as GM Zhou Jianchao plays and signs autographs

Finally Wang Yue faces the kind of question he is comfortable with

The line is because each player would successively play one move.

No fewer than 500 children took part in the mammoth simul! (picture by Fan Lulu)

GM Zhao Jun is besieged with autograph requests

Ni Hua and all the players, did their part with a smile

What an exhausting, albeit rewarding, 'rest' day

All players and guests (Photo by WGM Zhang Jilin)

Standings after five rounds


The games are being broadcast live on the official web site and on the chess server If you are not a member you can download a free Playchess client there and get immediate access. You can also use ChessBase 11 or any of our Fritz compatible chess programs.

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