The struggle against the blockading pieces

6/18/2010 – 154 moves had already been played in the game Aronian-Dominguez, when Aronian carried out a brilliant idea in the form of 155.Qb6+!. The intention is, after the forced exchange of the blockading queen with 155...Qxb6 156.Bxb6 and the bishop sacrifice Kxb6, to support the advance of the white passed pawn duo with 157.Kh5. So far, so good. But what does White play if Black does not take the bishop but sets up a new blockader in front of the passed pawns with 156...Bg6? GM Karsten Müller has analysed the ending for ChessBase Magazine Online.

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Aronian-Dominguez, Leon 2010

In this position Aronian played 155.Qb6+! Qxb6 156.Bxb6, in order, after Kxb6, to support the advance of the white passed pawns with 157.Kh5.

But what had Aronian planned if Black had refused the bishop sacrificed and brought in a new blockader for the white pawns by 156...Bg6?

Analysis Aronian-Dominguez by GM Karsten Müller.

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