The secrets of a top grandmaster

11/9/2009 – On the latest Elo rating list we find Pavel Eljanov at 2729 Elo points on place 17. In the live rankings, with his extraordinary European Team Championship results evaluated, he is number 11 in the world. The Ukrainian GM has been climbing steadly since April. His secret: enormous talent, hard work – and marriage! We bring you a photo report and an annotated brilliancy by Pavel Eljanov.

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New chess family: GM Pavel Eljanov and WIM Olena Dvoretska

Potos: Alexander Kollagin, text by Anastasiya Karlovich

The well-known Ukrainian grandmaster Pavel Eljanov married in April of this year, creating a new chess family together with Ukrainian WIM Olena Dvoretska. She has been an active chess player before graduating from the National Law Academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav the Wise, where Pavel studied too. This University is famous for its chess club and the international tournaments, and so there could be no better spot where a happy encounter of the future couple could happen. The two met during one of the ‘Rector Cup’ tournaments, when the bride was demonstrating the games of the players for the spectators. The happy event took place in Kharkov in the restaurant ‘Helios’.

The bridal pair (middle), with former Ukrainian champion Valery Aveskulov and his girlfriend

Receiving the certificat of marriage

Having second thought? No, just a romantic wedding pose.

The archetypical happy couple

You may now kiss the bride, in front of the reflecting pool...

... and show her gown on the terrace

The bride Olena Dvoretska, Women's International Master with a rating of 2142

The groom, GM Pavel Eljaonv, 26, currently rated 2729 and number 17 in the world, has annotated two games for CBM 132, including the following King's Indian game against Cheparinov.

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