The Rogozenko-Bologan conspiracy

by ChessBase
8/7/2003 – Why is everyone talking about Viorel Bologan? Because he is winning the Super-GM in Dortmund by some ridiculous score. But doesn't it strike you that two weeks ago, long before the tournament actually started, our trainer Dorian Rogozenko held a lecture on Bologan. We uncover details of a sinister plot.

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We asked Dorian to explain this interesting coincidence. His reply was quite candid: "My agreement with Victor is working out just fine. We agreed that first I would make him more popular through my lectures on, and then he would win Dortmund and make my lessons more popular among chess players! Naturally I would continue to use him as a subject, and lots of people would come to take a look at Bologan's games."

There are words for this kind of thing, Doru. Fast shuffle or flam. Racket, scam, complot. Or maybe serendipity. At least our Playchess visitors are profiting from it. They are the ones walking around saying "Bologan – yeah, I can tell you all about him."

So Viktor Bologan has proved to be an eminently worthy subject for GM Dorian Rogozenko's weekly lectures on the server. Tonight's lecture will be "Victor Bologan – Part two". Rogozenko says it will be easier for him than Part one, held two weeks ago. Nobody will ask "Who is Bologan?" and "Why are you showing us his games?". Our trainer dosn't have to prove that he is very strong GM and can concentrate on his games and winning strategy.

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