The Queen's Journey

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11/19/2020 – A journey in fantasy and harmony, that is the chess and music project "The Queen's Journey" by musician and chess lover Jason Kouchak. The main target group of the project are children, especially girls. The message is that chess is fun and helps you to develop your personality. Spice Girl Geri Halliwell supported the project. | Photo: Julian Paix

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Jason Kouchak: Chess and Music

The second great love of the musician Jason Kouchak is chess. Chess and music, but also ballet, all search for harmony, says Jason Kouchak. By combining them he tries to bring children to chess, but also to music and dance.

"It is a combination that inspires children to be creative and shape their future together."

In 2016, Kouchak launched a musical chess project, "The Queen's Journey", which is aimed primarily at girls and wants to introduce them to chess, music and dance – which all help personal development and are also a lot of fun.

Since its creation, "The Queen's Journey" has toured various countries and appeared in USA, England and Hungary.

"I am happy about the great response to "The Queen's Gambit" series," says Kouchak. "The series takes the same line as my project, though in a slightly different way. But it shows that girls and women can be just as successful in chess as men."

"Even now, in these difficult times, there is always the opportunity to look forward to better times through a process of visualisation and to give free rein to your imagination. With our events we encourage women and girls to play chess and to see it as a means to acquire life skills. Those who play chess become strong, look ahead and learn to pursue their own goals. With its overarching concept of combining chess, music and dance, The Queen's Journey is always able to take up new themes and is therefore always up-to-date and relevant."

Jason Kouchak about his project "Alice Through The Looking Glass.

A video about the project "Alice Through The Looking Glass". "Spice Girl" Geri Halliwell helped with the choreography.

Geri Halliwell likes chess. Occasionally, she plays against her husband, and here we see her playing against Mel B. in the "Spiceworld".


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