The Product Finder with Board: a new way to search

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9/16/2011 – With literally hundreds of DVDs available, ranging from openings to games collections, it could be daunting to look through the long lists of product descriptions in the hopes of finding something useful. With the new Product Finder, all you need to do is set up a position, and not only will all opening DVDs covering it be shown, but even games collections as well. Here is a new way to search.

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A new way to search: the Product Finder with Board

With so many DVDs available to help a player learn, fix, or perfect just about any opening in the game, one would think there was no way one could not find something of interest or use, however the word ‘find’ has sometimes been the stumbling block.

Like any online store worth its salt, the ChessBase Shop has the standard organizational structure to allow you to browse any way you like, whether by type of program, author, and even a search for key words. However being a chess store, we have included another tool to allow you to find what you want, without having to read the entire description of every product, and even find ones you might not expect. The tool which you will see is called the Product Finder with Board. This is not your ordinary search tool; this one is different.

The ChessBase Shop page with the new Product Finder

When you click on it, you are taken to a chessboard where you can set up any opening position or even game. For example suppose you are looking for some insight on the Sicilian Alapin, that alone could be a problem, since not everyone calls it that. The moves 1.e4 c5 2.c3 are sometimes called the Alapin, sometimes even the Sveshnikov (for White), and sometimes just the “c3“ Sicilian. Instead of having to search for all the terms and hope you don’t miss anything, now you can just enter the moves...

Just enter the moves and click on Search on Search and see the results. If a DVD has the position in it, it will find it. Another example might be from a game you played online or live. Suppose you ran afoul this unpleasant gambit:

The offbeat From Gambit can be dangerous if you are unprepared

and decided you wanted to  learn how to fight it, or better yet: add it to your arsenal! Even knowing the name would be of little use unless there was a DVD dedicated to it, fortunately however the Product Finder turns up several very pertinent choices:

Finally, this position-based finder is not only good for opening DVDs, as the search results cover all DVDs period. Thus, when a search is done on

Not only do the results turn up the obvious candidates Chessbase Tutorials Openings #2: The Semi-Open Games or Beating the Sicilian Grandmaster Bologan’s Repertoire Vol.1 , but it also shows games collections in which the position appears such as My Career Vol.2 by Viswanathan Anand.

We hope that you you will find this new tool useful when searching for a DVD that fits your needs.

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