The Presidents and the Chess Center in Chisinau

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8/2/2007 – Last week the President of Moldova invited the President of Kalmykia, who is also the president of FIDE, to discuss relations between the two countries. After the meetings both presidents visited the Republican Chess Club to announce a spectacular project: the world chess federation is planning to build a giant chess center in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. Report by WGM Elena Partac.

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The Presidents and the Chess Center in Chisinau

Report by Elena Partac, photos by Denis Iurco

The Republic of Moldova

Moldova is located in the South-Eastern part of Europe and borders Romania to the West and Ukraine to the East and South. The territory of Moldova is relatively small, covering 33.8 thousand square km. The country has a population of about 4,463,800. The official language is called Moldovan, but it is identical to the Romanian language. The national currency is Leu. The capital of Moldova is Chisinau, which is located in the center of the country.

Moldova’s water bodies are part of the Black Sea Basin. The main rivers are Nistru and Prut and a small portion of Danube river reaches Moldova in the southern part. Lakes are small, being located mainly in the river meadows of Prut and Nistru.

The “doors” of the capital

During the night, the Municipality of Chisinau

National currency: this is the smallest note – 16 lei is aproximately one Euro

Chisinau, the "Botanica" region, one of the finest in the city

Chess in Moldova

Moldova is well known in chess world. The game has always been very popular in this country, numerous national and Soviet Union tournaments having been organized here in the past. In the 90s, as a result of the proclamation of the country's independence, Moldova got access to the world of international chess. The first women's grandmaster tournament was organized in Chisinau in 1994, as well as the Zonal and Interzonal tournaments of the world women's chess championship in 1995. In 1997, Chisinau hosted FIDE's 68th Congress, this being another sign of appreciation of the efforts being made by the national Chess Federation and the success of the Moldovan players in the international arena. And finally in 2005, the capital hosted the 5th European Individual Women Chess Championship.

Here they come, three presidents: from the left, Vladimir Molojen, the president of the Moldavian Chess Federation, Vladimir Voronin, President of Republic of Moldova, and FIDE President and Kalmykia’s President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

Surprise! During the press conference, Kirsan Ilumjinov informed that FIDE will allocate money for the Chess Federation of Moldova in order to build a Chess Center in Chisinau. The proposed center will include a hotel with 200-300 rooms, so it will be a perfect place for future big international tournaments. According to the official FIDE notification:

A modern Chess Center will be constructed in Chisinau in the nearest future under the auspices of the World Chess Federation. The FIDE President, the Head of the Republic of Kalmykia informed on this decision at the press conference during his visit to Chisinau on the invitation of the President of Moldova Mr. Vladimir Voronin.

Next to the Chess Center, a new hotel for 200-300 rooms will be constructed. This will give an opportunity to hold the chess tournament of a high level under the FIDE patronage. It was also decided that FIDE will assist to introduce the new project in chess popularization into the countryside of Moldova.

Another surprise was the appoiment as the Honorary President of the Moldavian Chess Federation, Mr. Igor Makarov, the President of the “Itera” company group, and former candidate to the USSR team in cycle racing.

In the right place at the right time: TV, press, chess players, parents, kids and guests!

President of the Republic of Moldova thanking President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and FIDE for visit and generous support for moldavian chess. From the right, Igor Makarov and Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

The President of Molova,Vladmir Voronin said during press conference that one chess player or any other sport player, can bring to the country much more glory and recognition than any political meeting.

President of the Moldavian Chess Federation gives a traditional present to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

The FIDE President givinging autographs to young chess players

A memorial photo: Vladimir Voronin, Elena Partac, Tudor Scripcenco and Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

By the end of the press conference, Kirsan was asked a very interesting question ”How many people in the governament of Kalmikia play chess?” The answer was imediate “All of them”!


Chess Federation of Moldova

About the author

Elena Partac, born on 25th March 1984, is a Woman Grandmaster and member of the Moldova Olympic Chess, for which she has played in three Olympiads. Elena won the Woman Chess Champion of Moldova three times.

Elena will be graduating at the University, Faculty of Journalism and Public Relations, in two weeks! She is also the director of the Moldavian Chess Federation web site. Elena tells us that she fell in love with chess when she was five years old. [Photo: Pufichek]

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