The new ChessBase video portal: 5,000 videos online!

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6/23/2021 – We have renovated: the ChessBase video portal presents itself in a new look. But the most important thing: you will now find what you are looking for much faster! Over 5,000 training videos are ready for you! All of them are fully indexed, so that you can use the search board to search all the videos for positions. Content has also been cleaned up: while we now offer "chess entertainment" on our YouTube channels, the focus on the video portal is now on chess training. High-quality training material on openings, middlegames, endgames. We regularly publish new training lessons from top trainers such as Daniel King, Karsten Müller, Herman Grooten, Robert Ris or Lawrence Trent. Real premium content for premium users! Come in!

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The ChessBase video portal: what is new?

Did you know? With a Premium Account, all training courses from the "60 Minutes" series can be accessed on the video portal for free. You save 9.90 euros per course.

Just log in with your ChessBase Premium Account user name and password and enter - virtually speaking - the video library.

The new search board

A great novelty: Enter a position in the search board and you will get all videos in which this position occurs, prioritised by relevance, of course. All videos are fully indexed. Only ChessBase has that.


Searching for a position in the ChessBase video portal

The new ChessBase video portal has a clear structure, divided into the sections Opening Training, Middlegame Training, Endgame Training and Training Shows.








Training Shows

ChessBase Shows

Current programme announcements appear at the top right of the video portal window. So you never miss a new training lesson from your favourite coach.

A total of more than 5,000 videos are now available! 

You can also access your own personal videos directly:



If you are logged in with your ChessBase account, you can now also "bookmark" videos. These can then be found under MyVideos.

Gefällt mir, markiert, folge ich

In addition, you can also directly "follow" the authors whose training content particularly appeals to you. If an author you follow has published a new video, this will also appear under "MyVideos".

60 Minutes

Products (dropdown menu) -> 60 Minutes:

60 Minutes

If you are not yet, become a premium member with your ChessBase account now:

Premium annual subscription + 1 month (payment method: credit card)

Order the annual ChessBase Premium Membership and save twice! You only pay for ten months Premium and you get a 13th month for free. Payment only by credit card. The subscription is automatically renewed on the expiration date.

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macsta macsta 9/14/2021 02:43
Why can we not buy the dvds to watch in the portal on the go... its annoying I can only play them on a Windows device.
egeoba egeoba 6/24/2021 05:36
Derek880 you are wrong. Please try to search for simon says to review any lesson and you will find the same lesson named Jobava London system. For me as a premium member is bad...
Derek880 Derek880 6/24/2021 04:58
The addition of the search board is a major factor in improving the site. Many of the videos I would discover by accident because it was always difficult to search for what you were interested in. The search board makes it much more functional now and makes me feel like I'm getting my money's worth out of the premium membership.
AWKUZ AWKUZ 6/23/2021 05:12
Замечательно, но плохо, что нет дубляжа на русском языке.
adbennet adbennet 6/23/2021 05:08
This is really good. I have been meaning to check out Herman Grooten's series, but wanted to start at the beginning. Now I can find them all in one place.

One criticism of the user interface: I far prefer the usual "Next/Previous Page" method to ChessBase's "Scroll for More" method, for two reasons. (1) If I have to interrupt a search and come back to it, with the Page method I can quickly get back to where I was. But with the Scroll method I have to start at the beginning and keep scrolling. This wastes time and bandwidth, plus it's hard to know how far I actually scrolled. (2) With the Scroll method, it's impossible to use the page footer links, because obviously the page won't scroll down that far, it just keeps loading more search results.