The Jeroen van den Belt Wijk aan Zee picture gallery

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1/13/2003 – That's quite a mouthful, but definitely worth checking out. Jeroen van den Belt is one of the ChessBase team, responsible for the spectacular Fritz 8 3D graphics and a lot of the Playchess server functions. Jeroen spent a weekend at the top Dutch tournament and sent us a batch of candid photos of players and situations. Heck, it's almost like being there yourself. You will find Jeroen's extensive picture report here.

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He is someone who knows where it is and even how to pronounce it (whyk aahn zeh). Jeroen van den Belt, one of the extended ChessBase family, is the man responsible for the spectacular 3D board of Fritz 8. Jeroen is also a keen chess player and fan, so nothing could keep him from zipping down to Wijk and taking some candid pictures. We give you the Jeroen van den Belt Wijk aan Zee picture gallery.

One of the stars in Wijk: Teymour Radjabov, the youngest GM at the time, youngest player to enter the top 100 in history. Here he woll go on to lose to Bareev in round two.

Evgeny Bareev, who won the tournament last year, seems to enjoy Wijk aan Zee. He took his first two games in this year's event and is definitely the man to stop.

From the B tournament: GM Peter Acs of Hungary, 2623, vs WGM Viktorija Cmilyte, Lithunia, 2452.

Victoria is a dangerous, aggressive player. She is 19 and has been relatively inactive for the past year due to motherhood. Her partner is Alexei Shirov.

"Multi-talented Alexandra Kosteniuk uses her talents to excel both on and of the board," says the official tournament page.

Very popular in Wijk: game commentary by Genna Sosonko (left)

Veselin Toplaov looking shattered in the post mortem after his loss to Vishy Anand (right).

Anyone know who this young lady is? Just the strongest female player ever to grace the planet.

Judit Polgar drew her first two games, here in the second round against Holland's Loek van Wely.

And him? Hint: he was world champion for ages and ages, he is one of the best tournament players of all time, and now at 51 staging some sort of a comeback. Correct: the legendary Anatoly Karpov.

Classical chess world champion Vladimir Kramnik before his ill-fated second-round game against FIDE world champion Ponomariov.

Ruslan Ponomariov allows his eyes to wander during his game against Kramnik.

We thought coffee was a no-no?! Well, even FIDE cannot object to one cup at the start of a game.

Younges game of the tournament: Humpy Konery, 15, vs Sergey Karjakin, who turned 13 today.

Perhaps in celebration of his 13th birthday, Karjakin uncorcked a queen sacrifice that seemed quite promising. However, Humpy wasn't willing to add to the celebration and forced a draw with a well-timed exchange sacrifice.

The Dutch legend Jan Timman. At 51 the charming bon vivant (French, bän-vE-'vänt, literally "good liver": a person having cultivated, refined, and sociable tastes especially in respect to food and drink) is the "weakest" player in the tournament.

You simply can't take your camera off her: Alexandra Kosteniuk revisited. Okay, Jeroen, that's enough of her already!


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