The Jackal vs Veselin Topalov

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2/3/2006 – The setup is cute: a beautiful young lady, former MTV host, challenges world champion Veselin Topalov to a game. Although she hardly seems to be able to move the pieces, and even makes small talk, she is playing good solid chess against him. In fact the game ends in a draw. Here's the trick Dutch TV played on Topalov.

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The Dutch TV program is called De Wereld draait door ("the world is turning crazy") and is broadcast five times a week. It covers current news and always invites guests to ask their opinion about the events taking place in Holland and the rest of the world.

The show has a section called "The Jackal". On their website you can ask the jackal to do something extraordinary. Someone suggested that jackal Lauren Verster, a former MTV presenter, should go to the Corus 2006 chess tournament in Wijk aan Zee and to challenge Veselin Topalov to a game of chess. And that is exactly what she did.

The film starts with an introduction by Laura about the chess tournament in Wijk aan Zee.

She meets the tournament director Tom Bottema and finds out who exactly this Veselin Topalov guy is. She says she would like to play against him, and Tom advises her that she might need a bit of help.

Lauren get a wireless receiver so that Tom can dictate moves to her.

She challenges Topalov to a friendly game: "may the best player win!"

The board has coordinates on each square so that Lauren, who is not a chess player, can keep track.

Tom is watching the game on a monitor and dictates the moves wirelessly to Lauren.

Topalov is visibly amazed that this beautiful young lady who doesn't seem to be able to hold the pieces properly is playing a strong game of chess against him.

And even more surprised at the very relaxed way she is going about it.

Lauren starts up some small talk ("do you have other hobbies apart from chess?"), while playing good, sound moves.

She asks a somewhat flabbergasted Topalov if she can smoke...

... and soon offers him a draw ("otherwise I think we will be playing until three in the morning").

Veselin, still somewhat confused, graciously accepts (in a better position) ...

... and the game between the Jackal and the world champion ends in a draw.

Vester,Lauren - Topalov,Veselin [D02]
Wijk aan Zee friendly Yerevan, 2006
1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 d5 3.Bf4 c6 4.e3 Qb6 5.Qc1 Bg4 6.Nbd2 e6 7.Bd3 Nbd7 8.0-0 Be7 9.c3 Nh5 10.Bg3 f5 11.Ne5 Nxg3 12.hxg3 Nxe5 13.dxe5 Qc7 14.f4 h5 15.Nf3 h4 16.gxh4 Bxf3 17.Rxf3 Rxh4 18.g3 ½-½


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