The Fifth Move: a chess thriller from Bollywood

by ChessBase
7/7/2003 – The movie set in North America. Two men are playing a game of chess. One is a detective who has lost everything that he loves; his life depends on how well he plays the game. The other is an exiled Georgian grandmaster who is ... well, dead. The project has attracted the attention of Hollywood stars like Paul Newman, Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams. More...

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The Fifth Move

The movie is about two men playing a game of chess, in which one player is dead and the another, alive. Throughout the game, the player who is alive tries to discover the reasons behind the other player's death.

Indian movie director Vidhu Vinod Chopra has been working on the script for several years. It is a radical departure from everything he’s done before: the characters and the locations are American, but the themes love, friendship, and the anguish of a bereaved parent are universal.

The language is entirely English. The film will be shot entirely in Vancouver, Canada. In an interview Chopra claimed Indian audiences were not mature enough to understand The Fifth Move. He explained, "The maturity level of the average [Indian] cinemagoer is very low. It is very difficult to make them understand such subjects."

The Fifth Move has aroused interest of international stars including Paul Newman, Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams, all of whom have shown interest to play key roles in the film.


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