The equitites man vs the chess champion

7/30/2003 – Belzberg Technologies Inc. of Chicago provides software for global access to equities and options markets. CEO Sidney Belzberg is a 2000-rated player. For the second time recently his company invited Garry Kasparov to give a simultaneous exhibition, this one in Chicago. Here are some impressions and a nice picture of the event.

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Kasparov Simul at Belzberg in Chicago

Garry Kasparov Playing his second in a Worldwide Series of Stock Exchange oriented simuls for Belzberg Technologies, Inc.

In the above photo, Garry is shown in action against Sidney Belzberg, a 2000+ rated player (obviously an exception to the 2000 rule which Kasparov insists on for these kind of simuls). As before, Belzberg insists that Garry pulls no punches. In the end as one of the highest rated players in the simul, he was one of the earliest to resign to the world's #1.

Shown in the photo wearing a maple leaf (Canada) cap is seven year old Simon Gladstone, who lives in Toronto and was flown in especially for the event. He is a 1600 rated player in Canada. He made most of the photos in Chicago newspapers and said it was his dream come true.

This simultaneous exhibition took place at the Chicago Board Options Exchange in downtown Chicago and was preceded by a March event at the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. Belzberg's future plans for simuls for Kasparov and stock brokers includes London, Frankfurt, Moscow, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

  • Link: The Kasparov Simul in Chicago at the CBOE last night
    One of the simultaneous participants, who is also rated over 2000, tells how Garry Kasparov found out about this and how the champ reacted once he realised that his opponent had not intended to "smurf" him,

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