The Chess Train rolls again

9/16/2014 – Five days, five cities, five countries and one of the most charming chess events of the world - that is the "Chess Train Tournament 2014". The journey begins on October 10th and in the following five days the chess travelers will have the unique experience of playing a 12-round rapid tournament while visiting five of the most beautiful European cities.

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Playing chess, analysing chess and talking chess with other chess players, all that while visiting some of the most beautiful European cities. A most attractive idea. That's why the Czech tournament organiser Pavel Matocha contacted the Czech railroad company and organised the "Chess Train Tournament". A fine idea well executed - no wonder that previous participants of this chess journey were enchanted.

In 2014 the chess train will roll again. On October 10th the journey begins in Prague with a trip to Budapest. After stops in Trencin and Krakow the trip will end on October 14th in Prague again. On the way and on the train the participants will play a 12 round rapid chess tournament. A unique experience and a unique tournament.

Impressions of previous tournaments


All aboard, please!

Making moves while on the move.

If you do not yet have a ticket for the chess train 2014, you should quickly get one.

Riding on a train, playing chess is absorbing, but...

...maybe one should occasionally take a look at the landscape passing by.

Or read a book while drinking wine.

Beer is also okay. Thinks GM Vlastimil Hort.

Sightseeing is fine, playing chess is fine, but there's nothing wrong with spending the evening differently.

Budapest is famous for its baths and for its chess tradition

But again - you do not need to always play chess.

Padlocks symbolizing eternal love.

It is not certain whether you will find eternal love on the Chess Train 2014 - but it is certainly going to be a wonderful journey.

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jaroslavsysel jaroslavsysel 9/16/2014 04:13
I will certainly go! Super idea...
Leporello Leporello 9/16/2014 03:00
Oldies but goldies, haha. Still should be fun thou..
jergus jergus 9/16/2014 12:54
Chess Train videos :