The ChessBase Christmas Party – part 1

by ChessBase
12/28/2010 – Every year in the week before Christmas the ChessBase staff and business partners gather together for a company dinner. This year there was a very special event – which will be shown to you in part two of this report. In part one we present our new office quarters and many of the people who run the company. Pictorial report by Nadja Wittmann.

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The ChessBase Christmas Party – part 1

Pictorial report by Nadja Wittmann

The new ChessBase office building, all thirty storeys of it, in Hamburg, Germany

Just kidding – we are in the brick building, the three ground floor windows on the left

Christian Warneke (of the German Chess Federation's Youth program), Bjoern
Lengwenus (co-autor of Fritz and Chesster) and ChessBase webmaster Ben Bartels

Our printer Ulli Leuelt and the Playchess tournament director Martin Fischer

Creative partner Olaf Oldigs and commercial CEO Rainer Woisin. We are eternally grateful to Olaf for
suggesting the name "Fritz" – we had been considering "Grandmaster Chess" or something to that effect.

Thomas Meyer and Holger Winterstein, who run the shipping department

Mira Kowalski (finances) and GM Rainer Knaak, editor of ChessBase Magazine

Programmers: Mathias Feist (Fritz & Co), Jeroen van den Belt (Playchess, multimedia)

Journalists: Wolfram Runkel, Frederic Friedel. Wolfram wrote the first major article on computer chess in a national broadsheet close to thirty years ago, Frederic read it and produced the first TV documentary on national television on the subject. Frederic is one of the founder of ChessBase.

The other founder: Matthias Wüllenweber, CEO of ChessBase and head of programming
and development. In 2011 ChessBase will celebrate its 25th anniversary

Frederic, special guest Vaile, and Holger Lieske, SysOp on Playchess

Staff and visitors at ChessBase prepare for a very special presentation...

...which will be shown in part two of this report!

Nadja Wittmann, who runs the Spanish newspage of ChessBase

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