The chess twins of the chess twin

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3/13/2011 – She is an IM, WGM, and a professor at the Faculty of Culture and Media at a Belgrade University. He is an FM, TV sports editor, chess columnist and since recently editor of the prestigious Chess Informant. On February 21st Dr Alisa Maric and Josip Asik became parents of twins – not a complete surprise, since Alisa was a twin herself. We congratulate the proud chess couple.

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Twins for Alisa and Josip

Top Serbian chess player, Alisa Maric, PhD, and the director of the Chess Informant Josip Asik became parents of twins on February 21st.

The girl weighed 2.25 kg, the boy, born two minutes later, weighed 3.4 kg!

Proud father Josip, who is now the editor of the Chess Informant (see below)

Not just a chess player, Alisa is also a professor at a Belgrade University

Enjoy yourselves, Alisa and Josip, the next eighteen years or so will be great!

Alisa Maric

Alisa Maric of Serbia is one of the most accomplished women in chess. She is not only an IM and WGM, but also holds a PhD in economics and teaches as a professor at the Faculty of Culture and Media at a Belgrade University.

IM and WGM Alisa Maric, who's the answer to the trick trivia question,
"Name the strongest female chessplayer born in the USA."

Mama Maric with twins Alisa and Mirjana in NY Flushing Medow Park in 1970

Alisa and her her 20 minutes younger twin Mirjana at the age of four months

Alisa and Mirjana are not identical twins, but both are WGMs, the only
twins with the "Woman Grandmaster" titles in the history of chess

  • There are a lot more pictures of the Maric twins in this report

Josip Asik

Josip Asik is a FIDE Master and sports editor of Television Politika in Belgrade, as well as chess columnist of newspaper Vecernje Novosti. Recently, after tragic death of Zdenko Krnic, who became the victim of a hit-and-run accident caused by a reckless motorcycle driver, Josip I became director of Chess Informant. Not an easy task, but the team is moving forward, with new people and modernisation in every aspect.

Articles by Josip Asik for ChessBase

Reports about chess: tournaments, championships, portraits, interviews, World Championships, product launches and more.


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