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6/11/2010 – The following instructive bishop versus knight endgame arose in the encounter Lu Shanglei - Ji Dan, played during the Chinese Championships 2010 in Xinghua. With his strong central knight, White is dominating the bishop, which is tied to the defence of the pawns on c6 and g6. White also has a 3:2-pawn majority on the kingside, which is just waiting to be set in motion. But, despite these weighty positional advantages it is not a simple matter to crack open the black position. What do you think? Which continuation did Lu Shanglei choose in order to make progress? GM Karsten Müller for ChessBase Magazine Online.

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Lu Shanglei-Ji Dan, Xinghua 2010

Which continuation did Lu Shanglei choose in order to make progress?

Analysis Lu Shanglei - Ji Dan by GM Karsten Müller.

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