The band is back together! – Nigel Davies and Andrew Martin start Master Chess Web Show

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3/3/2022 – IM Andrew Martin and GM Nigel Davies are a good team of experienced trainers. In the 1990s, they formed the "Master Chess Roadshow" and toured England to help players all over the country to get better and to have fun with chess. Now, the band is back together: with the Chess Web Show, three weekly shows on Twitch and a YouTube channel!

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Back in the 1990s, the Master Chess Roadshow was formed by GM Nigel Davies and IM Andrew Martin. We toured England, giving training weekends and in order to create an elite experience for our customers, even making lunches for them! The Master Chess Roadshow sandwich was certainly something to behold. Nobody got poisoned, as far as I am aware.

Some 30 years later, the project has been reborn as the Master Chess Web Show. During that time Nigel and I have both acquired the FIDE Senior Trainer title. We have three weekly shows on Twitch TV and a newly-formed YouTube channel. The band is back together!

Our shows are a mixture of instruction, fun, current news and answering questions from our listeners, as long as they are submitted in advance. We plan live commentaries on major events.

You are most welcome to follow us on Twitch and become one of our YouTube subscribers. We have also created a website for your enjoyment, which will flesh out as time goes by.

Nigel Davies and Andrew Martin have produced well over 50 DVDs for ChessBase. Some more information about us follows, along with a couple of annotated games by each of us, to show that we can actually play good chess!

Andrew Martin

Most of my working life these days is involved in teaching chess to kids, in schools or with individuals and groups. I write books and make DVDs as well. Family reasons have not permitted me to play chess on a regular basis over the past 15 years or so, but I do play online and enjoy the contest. I was the commentator at the British Chess Championships for 20 years and intend to carry over that experience into this new era. It's a great pleasure to get the Master Chess Web Show project underway with my old friend Nigel Davies and we plan to have a lot of fun doing so. For us, it important that the show doesn't scream 'old'. We want to keep up with the times and make some new moves ourselves.


Nigel Davies

Nigel has been an International Grandmaster since 1993 and is a former British Open Quickplay and U21 Champion. Besides his playing accomplishments he is an experienced chess coach with a unique understanding of club level chess. Accordingly he knows just what is likely to succeed.



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