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6/1/2006 – We will welcome you to the Radio Show direct from Hamburg this week and what a show it will be! We kick off with two veterans slugging it out in a recent exhibition match. Spassky has many reasons to want revenge against Karpov and here he scores a fine endgame victory with the help of 7 h3!? a quiet opening move which seems to dull Karpov's sense of danger.

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Cebalo versus the Rest of the World is an unlikely matchup, but that is precisely who we get in game two! I'm not sure who was on the Rest of the World Team; I doubt Topalov or Anand were there. The opening dates back to Botvinnik and Tal ; 8...Bf5

and is well worth checking out.

Then an interesting game from a Danish junior event which could easily be missed,highlighting the potential of an early ...a6 in the Dragon: 7...a6

And finally...the competition, a congested and confusing position. Please try to solve these puzzles without referring to an engine; you get much more out of it that way.

You can email me the answer at Please visit the website and if you like it, register for free! We welcome everyone.

Please note the show this week will take place on Thurs 1st, June at 16.00 CET, a rest day in Turin.

Special guest is Matthias Feist, one of the programer of Fritz. And.: This will be a video show!

Best Wishes, Andrew

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