Ten years of ChessBase News

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9/12/2011 – Actually we began with a web news service around 1995 – with a static HTML site and a few news items per week. On September 12 2001 we launched the new database driven service, and have since then published more than 7,500 reports and stories – becoming the premium news page for chess. You can use our new archive and search functions to browse around nostalgically in the past.

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Ten years of ChessBase News

This is what our news page looked like back in 1996. It was a static HTML web site, which slowly became bigger and more ambitious. You can track our progress in the Wayback Machine, which archives pages from the history of the Internet.

By the middle of 2001 our news page design had progressed to the style you see in the screen shot above. It was still a static site, manually maintained as individual HTML pages which were uploaded by FTP into different directories on a server.

In September 2001 we switched to a new, professional design and a database driven content management. After a short period of experimenting with the system we were ready to go live on September 12th. Everyone knows what happened one day earlier, and so our very first news article in the new system, exactly ten years ago, was a report describing the attack on the World Trade Center. You can read the article by clicking on the "News Archives" button at the bottom of our front page and selecting page 001 in 2001.

Use the above buttons to go to the archives or the next page

If you click on "Last page" you will be taken back to September 2001

The news page has flourished since then, with over 100,000 unique visitors per day – more when there are special or spectacular events on, or the occasional scandal or controversy. Alexa.com tracks the stats and ranks our news page as around the 15,000th most popular web site in the world.

Over the last ten years we have published around 7,500 chess news reports. A list of the most important events we cover is, as you probably know, to be reached by clicking on "Games and Tournaments" at the top of the page. The "Search" function will scan the front page blurbs for any word you enter, while there is a more extensive Google search of the entire site also available. Naturally you can also do a regular Google search, e.g. for "chessbase.com skripchenko", and click on "Images" on the left if you want to see our photos. Recently we installed a new ChessBase Shop with better search and purchase facilities.

We thank all our contributors, who are providing us with material and pictures in such great profusion. Any initial fears we may have had about finding enough material to fill a news page dedicated entirely to chess have been thoroughly dissipated. Today our main concern is to select judiciously from the flood of information that keeps pouring in. Our criteria for reports are that they should be interesting, accurate, important for chess, topical, entertaining and a few more – in that order. This means that if there is news which fulfils the lesser criteria (accurate, important for chess, topical) but not the first (interesting), then we tend not to publish it.

Finally, in the age of digital cameras there is no scarcity of pictures and visuals to lighten up our reports. However, it is important not simply to dump pictures on readers. Ours are always carefully captioned and do not assume that our readers will be satisfied with seeing images of some dude playing chess, a nice-looking gal at the board, and another dude playing chess. Human interest must be the guiding principle – people want to know more about the players and the people involved at all levels of the game.

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