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4/21/2004 – The Batumi women's world championship might be cancelled, but do you know where Batumi is? How about Georgia? Are you spending enough time at ChessBase.com? Maybe too much? Test your knowledge of recent events and find out your score right away in our first instant gratification trivia quiz.

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Instant gratification trivia quiz #1

What better during a mid-week news lull than a quiz on recent news? Select your answers and press the button to check your score. 7/10 is great, 10/10 means you probably need to get out of the house more. If you don't answer it counts as wrong, so take your best guess! The answers are at the far bottom of the page.

#1) Who is the current FIDE women's world champion? 
#2) Who is the second-highest-rated non-European player? 
#3) Without checking, how many of the current top 10 players represent Russia? 
#4) Who won the last two Corus Wijk aan Zee supertournaments? 
#5) Who won the first ACP ChinaCom blitz tournament at Playchess.com? 
#6) Which country does not border the Republic of Georgia? 
#7) What percentage of games were drawn at Linares 2004? 
#8) Who was the last player to beat Garry Kasparov in a classical time control game? 
#9) Who won the 2004 Aeroflot tournament to qualify to play in Dortmund this year? 
#10) How many points did Vladimir Kramnik score in his simultaneous exhibition against the German Olympiad team? 


Answers below. Don't peek!





#1) China's Zhu Chen won the title in Moscow, 2001.
#2) Ye, of China. Gelfand is higher rated, but Israel is considered Europe by FIDE and many other sports federations. Of course Anand is the top-rated non-Euro.
#3) Four: Kasparov, Kramnik, Svidler, Morozevich. There are four more Russians in the 11-20 group.
#4) Vishy took clear first in 2003 and 2004.
#5) Svidler won the final over Najer.
#6) Turkmenistan. Georgia is bordered by Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan (and the Black Sea).
#7) 79%. Only nine of 42 games were decisive.
#8) Huzman beat Kasparov in the 2003 Euro Team Championship.
#9) Rublevsky won on tiebreaks ahead of Vaganian and Filippov.
#10) 2.5. He beat Huebner and drew the other three games.

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