Technique in rook endings II

3/31/2010 – Every book on rook endings tells us that positions with pawns on the same wing are usually drawn, even when one side has an extra pawn. In Nice, Magnus Carlsen demonstrated that even with an equal number of pawns (four against four on the kingside) there are still plenty of practical chances, especially in a rapid game. Playchess spectators were enthralled to see how a hopelessly drawn endgame turned in the hands of the Norwegian into a winning position. In his analysis for ChessBase Magazine Online, Karsten Müller reveals to you exactly where Carlsen's opponent Ponomariov left the path which led to a draw.

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The starting position of the rook endgame 4 vs.4.
34 moves later Carlsen had a winning position.

Analysis Ponomariov-Carlsen by GM Karsten Müller.
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