Tania Sachdev: Covergirl and chess teacher

by André Schulz
2/15/2016 – Tania Sachdev is a woman of many talents. She is an International Master, a successful tournament player, a fine chess teacher, and a popular commentator. She has also worked as a model and now made it to the cover of a popular Indian magazine. A picture of Tania Sachdev embellishes the cover of the 100th issue of "The Man magazine, India".

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Tania Sachdev is one of the most striking personalities of the international chess scene. She is an International Master and a Women Grandmaster, likes to travel and has often played in India's national women's team. She enjoys playing in tournaments and as a commentator she is in great demand - for example, she worked as co-commentator during the World Championship match between Viswanathan Anand and Magnus Carlsen 2013 in Chennai. And at the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2016 she had a daily video show in which she showed the sights of Gibraltar and interviewed players and organizers.

She also is always ready to give an interview. In the following cllip you see her having a "quick chat" with Daniel King during the Chess Olympiad in Tromso 2014:


Red Bull India hired her for a PR-campaign which involved a country-wide chess competition. The winners of this competition were invited to play a game against Tania Sachdev.

Chess campaign by Red Bull India

Occasionally Tania Schachdev also works as a model. A cousin of her is a fashion designer and once asked her, if she would not like to present her designs. The following pictures were made during a fashion show:

Tania's cousin also designed a chess dress for the team of Königshofen, which plays in Germany's Women's Bundesliga.


Tania Sachdev in Hamburg

Now the 100th issue of the The Man Magazine, India appeared. The editors decided to put a chessplayer on the cover: Tania Sachdev.

Hard to recognize: cover girl Tania Sachdev

But Tania Sachdev is also a good chess teacher. In the ChessBase studio in Hamburg she recorded two DVDs: In her first DVD, "Improve your Chess", she shows how the correct evaluation of a position leads almost automatically to good moves. Her second DVD, "Improve your Tactics", offers an interactive course to practice and improve your tactical skills.


Learning chess with Tania Sachdev

Learning chess with Tania Sachdev...

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