Tania misses win against a grandmaster

4/21/2003 – Imagine you are a 16-year-old girl, for the first time in your life playing against a grandmaster. Your position is good, but your GM opponent offers you a draw. Would you take it? Tania Sachdev of India did, and will regret this decision for a long time. Read about this and follow our links to the Commonwealth Chess Championship which has just started in Mumbai, India. More

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"I went blank,'' said the 16-year-old from Dehli, unable to explain why she took the offer of draw when she was about to win a piece. And this was her first ever meeting with a GM. This is the final position in that game:

Tania Sachdev,I (2245) – Surya Sekhar Ganguly,I (2542)
Mumbai, India Mumbai, India (1)

White to play. After his last move, 29...Nb5, Ganguly offered a draw, which Tania Sachdev accepted. Unfortunately she overlooked the very nice combination 30.Qxc6! Qxc6 31.Ne7+ Kf8 32.Bxc6, winning a piece and probably the game.


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Meanwhile there is good new for Asian chess: The organizers of the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar, have decided to include chess as one of the 33 disciplines there, as the Times of India reports.