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2/17/2017 – The monthly British magazine CHESS has been going strong for over eighty years. It is currently published by the Chess & Bridge Ltd., London, and brings its readership all the news from the UK – but also from the rest of the world. It also has interesting sections, like three pages of tactical puzzles taken from games of various recent events. Here's a selection of these puzzles, presented on our interactive JavaScript board – an orgy of tactics.

Improve your Tactics Improve your Tactics

The aim of this course is to help you understand how to make tactical opportunities arise as well as to sharpen your tactical vision - these selected lectures will help to foster your overall tactical understanding.


Find the Winning Moves

Test your tactical ability with these positions grouped in rough order of difficulty. The games come from various recent events, not least the 4NCL and London Chess Classic. Don’t forget that whilst sometimes the key move will force mate or the win of material, other times it will just win a pawn.

Note that in the JavaScript "Living diagrams" below you can move the pieces on the board, to try out possible solutions. The arrow keys take you backwards and forwards through the moves you have entered. In the solutions replayer at the bottom of the page – please try not to peek until you have actually tried to solve the puzzles yourself – you can actually analyse each position with an engine running. It will answer your "But-why-not..." questions very effectively.

Warm-up Puzzles


Intermediate Puzzles for the Club Player


Harder Puzzles for the Club Player


There are many more tactical positions to solve in the magazine


On our JavaScript board below you can move pieces to analyse, and even start an engine to help you. You can maximize the replayer, auto-play, flip the board and even change the piece style in the bar below the board. At the bottom of the notation window on the right there are buttons for editing (delete, promote, cut lines, unannotate, undo, redo) save, play out the position against Fritz and even embed our JavaScript replayer on your web site or blog. Hovering the mouse over any button will show you its function.

The above tactical puzzles (and many more) are in the February 2017 issue of the British magazine CHESS

CHESS Magazine was established in 1935 by B.H. Wood who ran it for over fifty years. It is published each month by the London Chess Centre and is edited by IM Richard Palliser and Matt Read. The Executive Editor is Malcolm Pein, who organises the London Chess Classic.

CHESS is mailed to subscribers in over 50 countries. You can subscribe from Europe and Asia
at a specially discounted rate for first timers here, or from North America here.

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