Tactics - for fun and to improve

by Mattis Trätmar
7/19/2021 – Solving tactical exercises regularly keeps you in shape, helps you to play better and helps you to score more points but it can also make you happy. After all, solving a puzzle usually leads to a little dopamine rush. Mattis Traetmar is a great fan of solving tactical exercises and has selected eight nice examples for you - some of them well-known, some of them rather simple and some of them more difficult.

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Eight tactical exercises for you

In the following diagrams you can move the pieces and try to work out the tactics. At the bottom of the page there is a JavaScript replay window where you can start an engine and find the solutions, testing lines against the computer's defence.

In the first position not a single one of the white pieces has dared to cross the fourth rank to enter Black's territory. However, White still has a devastating attack.


In the second task White uses a similar idea. However, this exercise is somewhat difficult - and surprising.


Diagram 3 shows a crucial position from one of the most famous games of Bobby Fischer.


In the position below Black's king is obviously in danger. But how can White mate it?


In position number five White seems to attack. However, it is Black who mates - or at least wins material by threatening to mate. Do you see Black's two powerful counterpunches?


Something easy for a change - Black to move and win.


Tactics in the endgame are always pleasing. How did Black exploit the precarious position of White's king?


Finally, another classic and another easy task. What would play with Black?


And here are all the positions on boards where you can start an engine (fan icon) to assist you in your analysis.


Well, hopefully, you enjoyed these tasks.

If you want to solve more tactical puzzles to improve your chess and if you have a Premium Account the ChessBase Training App offers you thousands of tactical exercises. Another great source for new tactical exercises is the ChessBase Magazine that also offers lots of ideas for your opening repertoire and helps you to improve your endgame play.


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