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6/13/2005 – Our heart bleeds for Krishnan Sasikiran, India's second-highest ranked player. In his game against Emil Sutovsky, at the 3rd Marx György tournament in Paks, Hungary, he did not know that he could claim a draw in a totally drawn endgame. Instead Sasi lost on time on move 100. Report and games.

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Third Marx György tournament in Paks

The 3rd Marx György tournament is taking place in Paks, Hungary. It is in commemoration of György Marx, professor of physics and is designed to give the most talented young local grandmasters the opportunity to acquire experience. The main patron of the tournament is József Kovács, the director-general of Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. Paks.

The openings ceremony of the GM tournament (seated: Viktor Kortchnoi, Emil Sutovsky, Zsuzsa Veroci and Zoltán Almási)

The GM event is a double round robin with six players: Viktor Korchnoi, Emil Sutovsky, Krishnan Sasikiran, Zoltán Almási, Ferenc Berkes and Péter Ács. The average rating is 2616 = Fide Category XV. The time controls are 2 hours/40 moves and 1 hour for the rest. The arbiter is GM Zsuzsa Veroci.

Péter Ács, Viktor Kortchnoi and Emil Sutovsky

Schedule: the tournament lasts from June 12 to 22, with one free day on June 17. At the same time as the GM tournament the VII. Paks Open is being staged, a nine round Swiss with time controls of 100 minutes/40 moves, then 30 minutes + 30 seconds/move for the rest of the game.

GM Tournament

In the first round of the GM tournament all three games were drawn, in the second round all three were won by the white players. In the game Sutovsky vs Sasikiran the Indian GM (second after Vishy Anand) traded down to a drawn B vs R ending on move 75. But Sutovsky played on and Sasikiran, who had less time on his clock, did not know that he could claim a draw. At move 100 he lost on time. We are also told that in round one Viktor Kortchnoi banged his clock so violently that he disrupted the live coverage of the game.

The tournament is being held at the Energy Institute of the University

The venue, with round one in progress

Sutovsky vs Almasi

Ferenc Berkes and Krishnan Sasikiran

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