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9/7/2007 – Not so long ago, Daniel King recorded the first parts in his exciting "Powerplay" series, which is intended to end up in a comprehensive video chess course on no less than nine DVDs. Bob Long has watched all four DVDs that have come out so far and found the latest one, 'Start right – start now', to be the best. Why don't you buy it now now or read Bobs review.

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Daniel King: "Power Play 4: Start Right" - reviewed by Bob Long

This is King’s 4th DVD in his Power Play series—I think THIS one is the best. Here’s “why”:

1. He has finally found his form and has great presentation;
2. He has chosen some superb material. For example, the first 4 games he shows are played by Paul Morphy. It appears, from “watching” this DVD, that King has become a Big Fan of Paul Morphy!

3. He gives some great TIPS during the games about good moves and some moves which are often bad (…a6 comes to mind).
4. He also shows the many advantages of the Trompowsky while also recommending GM Peter Wells’ book of the same name.

5. When I watch a ChessBase DVD, it is usually not possible to watch all 15-20 chapters just due to the time. But this DVD is so good, I found myself watching one chapter after another.
6. Another suggestion: Play 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bg5. King confides that he has won an “extraordinary” number of games, in less than 20 moves. To me this is very VALUABLE information.
7. This DVD is about putting “pressure” on your opponent from the word GO! He wants to retain the initiative, almost at any cost.

8. I love King’s command of the English language. He gives Svidler-Carlsen to show how White took matters into his own hands due to poor (none) development by his opponent. He uses the phrase, “So and so got hammered.”

Buy it now.

9. He gives some good ideas for Black too: get your pieces out, get castled, make sure your game is safe. He gives the Nimzo-Indian, however, as an opening where maybe Black can strive for more!? (Possibly because of White’s undeveloped K-side, even though he has good “protection” in the center.

The WHOLE DVD is worth viewing as King gives good suggestions one after another—something some presenters seem to avoid.

Conclusion: Daniel King's Best DVD yet. Full of GREAT IDEAS and Tips on Openings and everything else.

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