Spider-Man, Aliens and Fritz chess sets

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6/23/2006 – Tired of using the same old Staunton chess pieces? Then you may want to try a game with Spider-Man pieces, on a sculpted chess board that recreates a roof-top battle between good and evil. Or a set that tries to recapture the mood and design James Cameron's "Aliens." Or you may simply check out what Fritz and Co. have to offer.

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SOTA Toys chess sets

SOTA Toys, creator of a lot of famous products in the collectibles market, has produced a number of chess sets based on fictional comic-book or movie characters.

The Spider-Man Deluxe Pewter Chess Set, manufactured in a limited edition of 1,000 worldwide, features 16 different characters (plus 8 Spider Tracers and 8 Spider Slayers) and a sculpted chess board that recreates a roof top battle between good and evil.

King: Spider-man (red & blue)
Queen: Symbiote Spider-man (black)
Knight: Punisher
Knight: Moon Knight
Bishop: Daredevil
Bishop: Black Cat
Rook: Cloak & Dagger
Rook: Blade
Pawn: Spider Tracer
King: Green Goblin
Queen: Doctor Octopus
Knight: Scorpion
Knight: Sandman
Bishop: Electro
Bishop: Lizard
Rook: Venom
Rook: Rhino
Pawn: Spider Slayer

In the ALIENS Deluxe Pewter Chess Set the human side of the board features the design of the space station from the movie, while the sides of the board represent the gradual infestation of the station by the Aliens. Within the infestation are human victims, either awaiting a face hugger or perhaps already incubating an alien warrior.

The chess set tries to recapture the mood and design of the original Alien sequel, James Cameron's "Aliens." The figures were of course were derived from the work of Swiss painter Hans Ruedi Giger, whose monochromatic airbrushings achieved cult status.

Alien figures from the SOTA collectibles

Unusual chess sets in Fritz and Co.

The sets above are not exactly cheap. If you don't want to just store unusual chess pieces in a display cabinet, but actually play with them, there is an alternative: the hires real 3D graphics supplied with all our chess programs.

Real 3D "Art lover's" chess pieces which are included with the Shredder program

Egyptian pieces in Fritz

The fully operational "Spanish room" in Fritz

A standard high-res chess set in Fritz

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