Spanish Team Championship: first top match ends with a draw

by André Schulz
9/24/2020 – The Spanish team championship started yesterday in Linares. In the Division de Honor, eight teams play a round robin tournament for the title. Favourites are the teams Duochess Beniajan, Silla Bosch Serinsys and Andreu Paterna. In round 1 Silla and Paterna drew against each other while Beniajan scored a clear 4½-1½ win against Collada Villalba though top board David Navara suffered a surprising defeat. | Photo: Feda

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Duochess Beniajan starts with a win

The teams with the highest rating-average at the Spanish Team Championships 2020 are Duochess Beniajan, Silla Bosch Serinsys and Andreu Paterna. All three have good chances to win the title.

Photo: Patricia Claros

In the first round, two of the favourites, Silla Bosch Serinsys and Andreu Paterna, clashed but the match ended with a 3-3 draw. Anton Korobov won for Silla against Jorden van Foreest but Daniil Yuffa equalized against Alvar Alonso for Paterna.

Duochess Beniajan, the team with the best rating-average, started the tournament with a 4½-1½ win against Collado Villalba. But David Navara, with a current rating of 2719 top board of Beniajan, lost against the Spanish Grandmaster Renier Vazquez (Elo 2551). The Czech Grandmaster started a bold attack on the kingside but then found no way to crash through.


27.hxg3 Ng5 Better was 27...d4!? with the idea 28.exd4 Ng5.

28.f4 Nh3+ Navara goes for broke but this is too bold. Objectively better was 28...Ne4 29.Rxd5 Qf6 though White still has the advantage.

29.Kg2 Nxf4+ 30.exf4 Bxf4 31.Rxd5 Qe4+ 32.Nf3 Bxc1 33.Rh5+ Also good was 33.Qxc1 Rg7 (33...Qxd5 34.Qh6#) 34.Re5.

33...Kg7 33...Bh6 34.Rxh6+ Kg7 35.Rh4 was a bit better.


34.Qxc1 Threatening mate. White's counterattack decides the game.

34...Qe6 35.Re5 Qh6 36.Ne3 Kh8 37.Qc3 f6 38.Re4 Qg6 39.Rh4+ Kg7 40.Rg4 1–0


1 C.A. SOLVAY 0.0 2516 ESP 3.5 - 2.5 C.A. MAGIC EXTREMADURA 0.0 2572 ESP
2 C.A. SILLA - BOSCH SERINSYS 0.0 2608 ESP 3.0 - 3.0 C.A. ANDREU PATERNA 0.0 2582 ESP
3 C.A. JAIME CASAS 0.0 2532 ESP 4.5 - 1.5 GROS XAKE TALDEA 0.0 2480 ESP
4 C.A. COLLADO VILLALBA 0.0 2404 ESP 1.5 - 4.5 C.A.C. BENIAJÁN - DUOCHESS 0.0 2623 ESP




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