Spanish Championship kicks off in Linares

by Nadja Wittmann
9/2/2020 – The 2020 Spanish Championship 2020 is taking place in Linares, as an over-the-board tournament. 138 participants have registered to participate. It is a 9-round Swiss open, which will also serve to decide who becomes the 2020 Spanish Women’s champion. The games start at 17:00 CEST and can be followed live at | Photo: Patricia Claros (FEDA)

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2020 Spanish Championship

Alexei ShirovThe 2020 edition of the Spanish Championship is being played as an over-the-board tournament in Linares, Jaén. The tournament is a 9-round Swiss event with a time control of 90 minutes for the game plus 30-second increments per move. Six players from the national top 10 list are participating, including David Antón, Alexei Shirov [pictured], Manuel Pérez Candelario, Iván Salgado and Jaime Santos

Although a separate tournament has not been organized, this event also serves to crown the national women’s champion. Sabrina Vega is once again the favourite to take the title.


Games start at 17:00 CEST

Safety first

Spanish Chess Championsip 2020

Photo: Patricia Claros

All safety measures are put in place at the tournament. So far, twelve players have been quarantined in their hotel rooms, as they were in close contact with two other participants who tested positive for coronavirus earlier. An excerpt from the press release presented by the organizers:

Before the start of the Championship we were informed of 7 possible “close contacts” of participants with people who participated in the Second Division Team Championship and who tested positive as of last Sunday, when they were already at home.

The protocol was immediately applied, and they were isolated in their hotel rooms and the information was communicated to the Public Health representatives, who immediately performed PCR tests. The two players were withdrawn from the Championship, did not play in round 1 and did not access the game room at any time.

Yesterday afternoon the result of the seven tests was known and two of them were positive, so the protocol has been applied again, tracking all possible cases of “close contact” with other participants.

Once the results were known, the seven participants, whether their result was positive or negative, have been offered the option of returning to their place of residence for the completion of the quarantine. The Public Health authorities involved have been informed and have authorized this measure, provided that private transport will be in use, ensuring compliance with all the precautions established for the handling of contacts during the journey. To this end, each player who wishes to travel to his or her home must sign a document declaring they will responsibly follow the safety measures.

Once the tracking was completed, supervised at all times by the Medical Director of the Championship, a total of 12 people were detected as having had “close contact” with the two players that tested positive — they were immediately quarantined in their hotel rooms. The Public Health authorities have been informed and PCR tests will be done immediately. At this time, none of them are showing any symptoms, even mild ones, although they will have to remain in quarantine.

In short, two players have tested positive so far — which at no time have been in the playing room. The total number of close contacts has been 19, out of 146 participants.

Therefore, it has been determined that the Championship will continue as planned.


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