Sophie Milliet leads in Chartres

by André Schulz
5/20/2021 – Currently, a Grandmaster tournament and three matches between prominent players are played in Chartres, France. The idea is to give members of the club a chance to get practice after the long break caused by the pandemic. The 14-year-old Marc Andria Maurizzi hopes to get his third GM norm in the tournament to become France's youngest grandmaster of all time. But with 4.0/6 he still needs 2.5/3 in the final rounds to reach this goal. Tournament leader is Sophie Milliet (pictured) with 4.5/6. | Photos: Chartres Echecs

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On the third day of the GM tournament in Chartres Marc Andria Maurizzi won his games against Victor Stephan and Alberto David. The 14-year-old Maurizzi, born on 16 May 2007 in Bastia on Corsica, thus still has his chances to get his third GM norm. He needs 6.5/9 for the norm, and after six rounds he has 4.0/6 and thus needs to score 2.5 points from his last three games.

Marc Andria Maurizzi


Tournament leader is still Sophie Milliet, who started the tournament with 3.5/4. In round five, however, she suffered a defeat against Alexandre Dgebuadze. But in round six she recovered and won against Peio Dboue and defended her lead.

Before the third day of the tournament, Alberto David was Milliet's closest rival, but after losing to Maurizzi, he is now in shared second place with Anatole Vlachos and Maurizzi.

In the three matches - Maxime Lagarde vs Gata Kamsky, R. Edouard vs N. Guliyev and A. Skripchenko vs D. Daulyte-Cornette - that run in parallel to the tournament all games ended in a draw.

Almira Skripchenko

The original plan was to host the French League and the French Championships in Chartres. But the ongoing Corona pandemic put this plan to a hold. However, the chess friends of Chartres enjoy the support of Mayor Jean Pierre Gorges, who is a chess fan, and the city in the southwest of Paris has developed into an important chess centre. GM Namig Guliyev has lived here for several years and some time ago Alireza Firouzja also found a new home in Chartres. He may soon be playing under the French flag.

Standings GM Tournament


Games GM Tournament


Current standings of the matches

M. Lagarde 2-1 G. Kamsky
D. Daulyte-Cornette 2-1 A. Skripchenko
N. Guliyev 2.5-0.5 R. Edouard

Games of the matches



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