Solution to the CBM competition

7/8/2009 – An amazingly large number of our readers had no problem identifying the game and the final position: Byrne-Fischer is the solution to our competition set on the 30.6., to be precise Robert Byrne-Robert Fischer, USA Championship 1963/64, played on 18.12.1963. There was a little confusion, however as there is a second famous Byrne-Fischer game: in 1956 the 13 year old Fischer defeated Donald Byrne, in what many even called the game of the century - the one with the queen sacrifice.  Fischer monograph in the shopFischer Video Famous games by FischerWinners

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And a ChessBase monograph on Robert Fischer goes to:

Mariano Aspas Aspas, Zaragoza (Spain)
Ulf Schliwinski, Braunschweig
Thorsten Hapke, Hemmingen

Congratulations and enjoy the CD from all at CBM-Online