Smeets, Peng win the 2010 Dutch Championships

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6/20/2010 – Anish Giri, the reigning champion, and Jan Smeets led the 2010 Dutch Championship from the start. They were joint leaders until the penultimate round, when young Anish lost to veteran Loek van Wely. In the final round Smeets secured the title with a three-move draw against the tail ender. In the women's section Peng Zhaoqin won her twelfth title. Final report.

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Until round seven reigning Dutch Champion Anish Giri and GM Jan Smeets led the tournament together. But then in round eight young Anish suffered his only defeat, against Loek van Wely, who has won the Dutch Championship six times (from 2000 to 2005 in an uninterrupted series). Smeets beat Erwin L'Ami in that round and thus led by a full point.

Key game in round eight: Anish Giri loses to Loek van Wely

In the final round Giri served GM Dimitri Rinderman a crushing defeat, while Smeets produced the following unremarkable effort against tail-ender Robin van Kampen:

Van Kampen,R (2481) - Smeets,J (2659) [C65]
ch-NED Eindhoven NED (9), 20.06.2010
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 Nf6 draw.

Kampen vs Smeets: the game is two minutes old and the final position has been reached

This secured 25-year-old Jan Smeets, who has just returned from seconding Veselin Topalov in his World Championship bid against Vishy Anand, the title, ahead of 15-year-old Anish Giri, who did a brief working session with Vishy Anand before the Sofia match.

Final standings

Dutch Champion 2010 Jan Smeets, who led the event from round two

The 2009 Champion Anish Giri, who was stopped in round seven by Loek van Wely

Third place went to Sipke Ernst, 31, who has studied psychology in Holland

Women's Championship

The winner, with 8.0/10: top Dutch female player Peng Zhaoqin

Peng Zhaoqin was born in Guangzhou, China but has resided in the Netherlands since 1996. She has the full FIDE title of International Grandmaster, which was awarded in October 2004. She has won the Dutch Women's Championship for, would you believe it, the twelfth time. She first took it in 1997, then in uninterrupted sequence from 2000–2010.

Peng facing her main rival, Bianca Muhren, who finished in second place

With her third place and 5.5/10 score Anne Haast secured her WIM title

Photos by Frans Peeters


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