Sixth OGD Prinsenstad Tournament in Delft

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4/7/2013 – The town dates back to the 13th Century and is famous for its historical main square, its blue pottery and the 17th Century painter Johannes Vermeer. The tournament over Easter was the sixth in recent years, this time staged in the Grotius College. It was won by GM Erwin l'Ami with 5.5/6 points and a 2822 performance. Erwin's wife Alina l'Ami has sent us this lovely pictorial report.

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The sixth OGD Prinsenstad Tournament was organised by OGD and the Delftse SchaakClub (DSC) over the Easter weekend in the auditorium of the Grotius College in Delft. The tournament was played in three groups: the A-group (rating of 1900 or higher), B-group (rating from 1600 up untill 2000), and C-group (rating below 1700). Time controls were 1:40 hours per player with a 10-second increment for each move played. The prize fund was over €3000, in prize money. Report and pictures by WGM Alina l'Ami.

Top final standings of the A-Group (after six rounds)

# Player Rtng Pts Perf w-we wp SB
1 Erwin l’Ami 2615 2822 1.21 23½ 21¼
2 Jan Smeets 2627 2588 -0.09 23 15¼
3 Dimitri Reinderman 2573 2562 0.10 23 15¼
4 Stewart Haslinger 2547 2542 0.21 22½ 15¼
5 Mher Hovhanisian 2494 2501 0.19 20½ 15¾
6 Erik van den Doel 2552 2480 -0.34 20½ 15½
7 Bernd Kohlweyer 2460 2418 -0.10 20½ 14¼
8 Fred Slingerland 2336 2538 1.62 20 13¼
9 Bart von Meijenfeldt 2195 4 2420 1.63 20½ 10½
10 Matthieu Freeke 2320 4 2265 -0.28 17½ 10¾
11 Smaranda Padurariu 2201 4 2300 0.75 17 9
12 Harold van Dijk 2331 4 2173 -0.78 16 11
13 Lars Ootes 2350 2407 0.51 23½ 11¼
14 Michel de Wit 2260 2385 1.04 22½ 11½
15 Ulf Andersson 2562 2424 -0.48 21½ 13¾
16 Alina l’Ami-Motoc 2381 2242 -0.88 20
17 Erik Hoeksema 2347 2193 -0.95 19 10
18 Thomas Beerdsen 2116 2244 0.82 19
19 Gert Legemaat 2195 2202 0.04 18½
20 Lars Vereggen 2138 2242 0.86 17 9

The playing hall in the Grotius College in Delft...

...with the games under way

Players could follow top games on flat panels, but also the Candidates games from London

The famous Ulf Andersson, who is often spotted in Dutch events

British GM Stewart Haslinger, also a regular on the Dutch chess circuit

The winner of the A-Group: GM Erwin l'Ami

Second: top seed Jan Smeets, rated 2627

WIM Smaranda Padurariu from Romania

Special interest in the top board games of the final round

Delft is a city in South Holland (Zuid-Holland), located between the larger cities of Rotterdam and The Hague. It is primarily known for its historic town centre and canals; also for the painter Vermeer, Delft Blue pottery (Delftware), the Delft University of Technology, and its association with the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange-Nassau.

Johannes Vermeer's oil painting of Delft in the 17th Century [Wikipedia]

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Typical Dutch town, with canals, bicycles, water... In the background you can see The Oude Kerk (Old Church), and its most recognizable feature, a 75-meter-high brick tower that leans about two meters from the vertical (Dutch version of Pisa tower). This church is the final resting place of the Golden Age Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.

The Town Hall at the head of the Town Square...

...with the typical Dutch shops and houses

Street-side stores with the famous Royal Delftware ...

... blue-and-white pottery originally duplicated from Chinese porcelain by 17th-century artisans

One of the great contributions to modern civilization: Dutch cheese

The famous Dutch clogs, available in different sizes

Wooden shoes have been popular in the Netherlands for about 700 years. Wearers claim they are warm in winter, cool in summer and provide support for good posture. The wood also absorbs perspiration so that the foot can breathe. Wooden shoes, as icons of Dutch culture, appear in customs such as the practice of young Dutch men presenting their fiancees with a pair of carved wooden shoes. More about them here.

As you can see the most practical method of getting around Delft is on bicycle

... which you can park at the station when you commute by train

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