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7/17/2003 – With more than 2100 participants from schools all over the country, last year's Singapore Chess Carnival was the biggest Internet tournament of all time. This year's edition includes an international competition on In eight preliminaries players from all over the world can qualify for the grand final on September 6, raking in a lot of prizes on the way. Here are all the details.

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With more than 2100 participants from schools all over Singapore last year's Singapore Chess Carnival was the greatest internet-tournament of all times. This year, in addition to this event taking place in schools in Singapore, there will also be an international event, open for players from all over the world. In eight qualifiers - the first being played today, the others on the following Thursdays - you can qualify for the great final on September 6. And you can win prizes in both tournaments, in the qualifier and in the final.

The international qualifiers will be tournaments with 7 rounds swiss. They begin at 19.00 h MESZ (GMT +2), and the time-limit is 5+0. The tournaments take place on the server in the room of the Singapore Chess Carnival. The first three of each qualifiers qualify for the final on September 6. Moreover, the first three of each qualifier win prizes of 150, 100 and 50 ducats.

The final will be played on Saturday, September 6, 2003. It will begin at 10:00h server-time, which is 16:00h Singapore-time. The first three of each qualifier and all Kings and Queens on the server are qualified. Added to this are the winners of the school-competition of the Singapore Chess Carnival. The tournament will be a 7-round swiss with a time-limit of 5+0.

How high the entire prize-fund will be is not yet certain, as Junior Tay, the driving force behind the Singapore Chess Carnival, still negotiates with sponsors. But what the first prize will be is already certain. 1.000 ducats, a one-year Gold-membership at, the renowned internet-forum for current and to-the-point opening theory plus a one-year membership on the correspondence chess server Moreover, it is certain that the first ten will receive prizes, among them memberships at and subscriptions of Mig Greengard's training newsletters.

Such a tournament can only be played with the support of sponsors. The sponsors are: is a chess server. But in contrast to the Fritz-server here the time is not measured in minutes and seconds but in days. The server is dedicated to correspondence chess, but you no longer have to spend endless time writing postcards or preparing emails. Just play the move on the screen and that's it. And you can follow all current games live. In the 1. CFC-Championship, which has just begun, no less than € 30.000,00 are waiting for the winner, and numerous correspondence chess grandmasters and FIDE-grandmasters take part, which guarantees lots of interesting chess. is an internet-portal, which offers its members current up-to-date opening overviews and opening articles, which are prepared by opening specialists and grandmasters working for Members can download the articles and overviews as ebook. Moreover, you do also get advice on your repertoire, offering something for all kinds of players: for the positional player, for the chessfriend, who has hardly any time for opening theory and for the gambit-maniac, who feels rather uncomfortable, if he isn't a pawn down.

Losing sucks, particularly in chess. And who likes to admit that the opponent is intellectually superior. Well, there is a remedy against losing permanently, these training newsletters by Mig Greengard. Every week you get fresh and pragmatic advice, particularly about ways to train on your own. Apart from training materials, there is lots of entertainment, because there is hardly anyone who is able to present chess as entertainingly (sometimes spiced up with a bit of aggression) and instructively as Mig Greengard. And apart from the newsletters (one recommended for 1600 and lower and another for more experienced players) there is an online forum in which you can discuss current developments in chess or just exchange the latest news.


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