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10/5/2007 – Each month, Danish FM Carsten Hansen writes a column at, focusing mainly on opening books and software. His current column includes a review of ChessBase Magazine 118. Hansen is deeply impressed with the 'astounding amount of material', the hundreds of annotated games etc., and recommends to give ChessBase Magazine a try now. Buy CBM 118 or read more.

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ChessBase Magazine 118

Review by FM Carsten Hansen (

The variety and depth of the material on this DVD is quite simply mind-blowing. Let’s first look at the contents:

  • Highlights by Karsten Müller (Both database text and Multi-Media)
  • Star Games annotated by Shirov, Nisipeanu, Sasikiran and Tiviakov (Multi-Media)
  • Tournament Reports from 8 Top Events
  • Opening Theory:
  • King’s Indian Attack A05 by Hannes Langrock
  • Anti King’s Indian A49 by Efstratios Grivas
  • Hyper-Accelerated Dragon B27 by Andrei Kovalov
  • Nimzowitsch Sicilian B29 by Jozsef Horvath
  • French C10 by Emanuel Berg
  • French C18 by Viktor Moskalenko
  • Petroff C43 by Efstratios Grivas
  • Ruy Lopez Marshall Attack C89 by Evgeny Postny
  • The Slav 7...Nb6 D17 by Dorian Rogozenko
  • Queen’s Gambit Declined Ragozin D38 by Lars Schandorff
  • Semi-Slav Defense D47 by Igor Stohl
  • Queen’s Gambit Declined Cambridge Springs by Dorian Rogozenko
  • Grünfeld Defense 4 Bg5 D80 by Michal Krasenkow
  • Blumenfeld Gambit E10 by Mihail Marin
  • Queen’s Indian Fianchetto E17 by Lubomir Ftacnik
  • Daniel King: Move by Move (Database text)
  • Oliver Reeh: Tactics (Both database text and Multi-Media)
  • Peter Wells: Strategy (Database text)
  • Karsten Müller: Endgames (Both database text and Multi-Media)
  • Telechess (on Correspondence Chess – approximately 3000 games)
  • Rainer Knaak: Opening Trap (Both database text and Multi-Media)
  • New DVDs

As you can see there is simply an astounding amount of material: high-level theory in a wide variety of openings and all sorts of content for improvers (the column by Wells on strategy is particularly outstanding.)

Aside from this there are hundreds of annotated top games by grandmasters. This is truly one of the best bargains in chess today. I challenge you to finish the material on this disk before the next one arrives.


My one complaint is the occasional mix-up in languages, such as when a text with links to tournament reports are all written in English, except for the Russian Team Championship, which is in German. For those of you who haven’t bought a copy yet, now is the time to give it try. Enjoy!

My assessment of this DVD:  Full five out of five stars

Click here for replay the beginning of GM Karsten Mueller's intro to CBM 118.

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