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2/16/2002 – It has won more computer chess world championships than anyone can remember. Now for the first time Shredder 6 has topped the computer rating lists, which are based on a very large number of games played under controlled conditions on many computers. Of the top 20 programs 17 (including the top five) are produced or distributed by ChessBase. Check it out in our online shop. Fritz7 will be tested in the next list. More

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Feb 15, 2002, based on 84,193 games played by 235 computer


Full information is available at the SSDF site

Thoralf Karlsson reports:

The new leader of the SSDF rating list is Shredder 6.0 Athlon 1200 MHz! After 264 games it has a rating of 2715, three points ahead of Chess Tiger 14.0. Compared to it's predecessor, Shredder 6.0 has 54 points more!

Stefan Meyer-Kahlen is the reigning World Computer Chess Champion, and he has won several other championships, but this is the first time for his program Shredder to take the top position of the SSDF rating list!

Another new program is Rebel Century 4.0 Athlon 1200 MHz. This latest program from Ed Schröder has taken the sixth place on the list with a rating of 2675 after 225 tournament games. If we compare with Century 3.0 on K6-2 450 MHz and adds 72 points for the hardware difference, we would get a rating about 2590.

These calculations gives Century 4.0 about 85 points more than the earlier program version!! On K6-2 450 we haven't yet played the mandatory 100 games, but the result so far is nearly as good as on Athlon 1200.

The result for Steen Suurballes Gandalf 5.0 A1200 after 202 games is roughly the same as for the predecessor, eight points down. The tendency on K6-2 450 MHz is the same after about 70 games. A new version, Gandalf 5.1, with several bugs corrected and other enhancements is said to be available in a short time.

Compared to the latest list Gambit Tiger 2.0 A1200 has gone up ten points and Crafty 18.12 A1200 twelve points. Shredder 5.0 K6-2 450 has lost 12 points.

During the nearest time we will play mainly with Fritz 7.0 and possibly with Gandalf 5.1. Next list will appear in late March.

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