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7/5/2004 – Every year there is a big chess festival in Argentina, with strong GMs and IMs participating. In the past the organisers have spiced up the event by allowing a computer program to participate. The great media success has led to the continuation of this tradition, and this year our world champion chess program Shredder 8 will be one of the players. Details...

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"Republica Argentina" Chess Festival 2004

This tournament will be held from July 9 to 20, 2004, at the medical center "Círculo Médico de Vicente Lopez" in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As in previous editions, the Festival will have several chess events, the most important being a GM round robin tournament, the "VII Republica Argentina Chess Masters", and an IM round robin tournament, "ITT Vicente Lopez City".

The following participants have confirmed their attendance to the main tournament: GM Andres Rodriguez (URU), GM Oscar Panno (ARG), GM Sergio Slipak (ARG), IM Diego Valerga (ARG), IM Oswaldo Zambrana (BOL), IM Bernardo Roselli (the current Uruguayan Champion), IM Salvador Alonso (ARG). And as in the three previous editions, a ChessBase program will participate. It is the current World Champion Shedder 8.0.

In 2001, ChessTiger 14.0 created a real sensation when won the main tournament scoring 9,5 out ot 11 points, beating four GMs in a row! Things were not so easy next year, and in 2002, IM Bernardo Roselli won the tournament. He is the only human player who was able to beat a ChessBase entry in these events: the program Hiarcs 8.0 came second.

But 2003 saw a sensational performance of Shredder 7.0, who won not only the IM event, but also the GM event, both unbeaten, with 8,5 out of 10 points. Truly remarkable!

Besides of the tournament for "masters", there will be several activities, like an open tournament (10 rounds, swiss system), for players with FIDE Elo ratings, and a tournament for boys and girls U-16. Of course, a full day will be devoted to all chess fans who will be able to play blitz games with the World Champion Shredder 8.0.

Organizer: Federación de Ajedrez de Vicente Lopez (FAVILO). The event is sponsored by ChessBase GMbH, CMSalud, and other important companies.

Venue: Circulo Médico de Vicente López (CM Salud), Domingo Faustino Sarmiento 1755 Florida - Vicente Lopez

Tournament Schedule

July 09, 2004 16:00h Round one
July 10, 2004 16:00h Round two
July 11, 2004 16:00h Round three
July 12, 2004 19:00h Round four
July 13, 2004 19:00h Round five
July 14, 2004 19:00h Round six
July 15, 2004 19:00h Round seven
July 16, 2004 19:00h Round eight
July 17, 2004 Rest day Shredder blitz exhibition 
July 18, 2004 16:00h Round nine
July 19, 2004 19:00h Round ten
July 20, 2004 15:00h Round eleven
July 20, 2004 19:00h Prize giving

Festival summary

  • VII Republica Argentina Chess Masters, Mercosur Cup
    With players from Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia, and Shredder 8.0. Confirmed players are: GM Andres Rodriguez (URU), GM Oscar Panno (ARG), GM Sergio Slipak (ARG), MI Diego Valerga (ARG), MI Oswaldo Zambrana (BOL), MI Bernardo Roselli (URU), MI Salvador Alonso (ARG), COMP Shredder 8.0 (GER)

  • II "Vicente Lopez City" IM Masters "CMSalud Cup"
    Also with players from Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia. Confirmed players are: MI Enrique Scarella, MF Alejo De Dovitiis, MI Cristobal Valiente (PAR), Sebastián Granara (URU), COMP Shredder 8.0 (GER).

  • V FIDE-Elo open "JOSE RUBINSTEIN" "Florida City 113rd Anniversary Cup"
    For FIDE-rated players. 10 rounds, swiss system.

  • II Young Talents " Clarin Newspaper Cup"
    With the best Under-16 kids of Vicente Lopez county.

Previous tournaments

Sixth Magistral de la Republica Argentina 2003

08.08.2003 The Sixth Magistral de la Republica Argentina was won convincingly by the ChessBase program Shredder 7. It's 8.5/10 score was well above the GM norm and two points ahead of the pack of GMs and IMs chasing it. That's a 2752 performance rating! The human side of things was won by Andres Rodriguez of Uruguay. Report and games

Republica Argentina Chess Master 2002

01.08.2002 In the end it was a flesh-and-blood player, Bernardo Roselli of Uruguay, who won first place in the Republica Chess Master in Argentina by the narrowest of margins – ahead of Hiarcs 8.0, which wrapped up second place with one of the best games of the tournament. "It played like a grandmaster", wrote Roberto Alvarez in his final report from Argentina.

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