Shredder 9.0 wins the Copa Mercosur

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7/27/2005 – We have to admit: humans and computers are not in the same league anymore. A simply CD-based chess program, running on standard off-the-shelf hardware, will win any regular chess tournament, even if it drops a point due to a technical glitch. Here are the games and results of a typical event in Argentina.

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VIII Magistral de la República Argentina

Copa Mercosur – Torneo Internacional de Ajedrez

The event took place from July 14 to 25, 2005 in the Circulo Medico de Vicente López, Buenos Aires. There were two closed round robin sections (and a big open). In the closed sections the computer program Shredder 9.0, running on a PIV, 3.5 GHz, with 512 MB of RAM, was participating, as it traditionally does evey year.

Shredder 9.0 playing in Argentina

From the main event (Daniel Miles in the foreground)

Young chess talents trying their hand against Shredder

The playing hall of the open tournament

First prize to the top human player Andres Rodriguez of Uruguay

In the final table of the Mercosur Cup Shredder 9.0 has been assigned an arbitrary rating of 2600. As we reported the program committed an inexplicable blunder in round three, giving up a whole piece for nothing. We can only assume there was some kind of technical glitch. In spite of this Shredder finished a point and a half ahead of the best human player, and displayed a rating performance of 2758. Slowly we have to admit: homo sapiens is not playing in the same league as computers.

In the lower-rated Torneo Magistral ITT Shredder fared similarly. We do not have all the games and take the final table from the official web site.

Place Name                     Rtg  Score  Berg.  Wins
  1   Shredder 9.0,                  8.5   34.25   8
  2   Flores, Diego            2513   7    24.25   6
 3-4  Della Morte, Pablo       2271  5.5   22.00   4
      Fusco, Leonardo          2278  5.5   20.25   3
  5   Granara, Sebastian       2223  4.5   13.75   3
 6-8  Paglilla, Carlos         2386   4    17.75   1
      Zuriel, Marisa           2207   4    13.50   1
      Valiente, Cristobal      2328   4    13.00   2
  9   De Dovitiis, Alejo       2345  3.5   10.00   2
 10   Lopez Gonzalez, Daniel   2225   3     9.00   1
 11   Prates, Fabiano          2265  0.5    4.25   0

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