Shirov on the Spanish, Sicilian and Najdorf

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4/29/2006 – Alexei Shirov is one of the most exciting players in the world, an uncompromising fighter who never fails to inspire chess fans with his attacking ideas. In a new series of DVDs Shirov explains his favourite openings, presenting the material with charm, humour, and plenty of instructional insight. Learn better chess with Alexei!

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Alexei Shirov: My Best Games in the Spanish

There are not many top grandmasters who enjoy such great popularity among chess fans all over the world as Alexei Shirov. Thanks to his aggressive and ingenious playing style, commentators often compare him with the former world champion Mikhail Tal. He regularly sacrifices material in return for initiative and complications, where he always seems to be just one step ahead of his opponent. Following Shirov’s games is like watching a "fire on the board".

Now this genius from Riga presents and explains his best games in a series of training DVDs in the Chess Media System. This first DVD is dedicated to his most brilliant games in the Ruy Lopez. Let Shirov show you how to break down the super-solid Berlin Defence, or how he managed to achieve promising counterplay against Garry Kasparov in the Open Ruy Lopez. Follow this top player through one of his most famous lines in the Ruy, the Anti-Marshall with 8.h3.

More than 4.5 hours private tuition with one of the most exciting top-class players in the world!


  • Introduction (09:04)
  • Steinitz Variation (41:10)
  • Berlin Defence (37:04)
  • Open Spanish (42:08)
  • Moeller and Archangelsk Defence (26:22)
  • Anti-Marshall-System 1 (32:05)
  • Anti-Marshall-System 2 (15:50)
  • Marshall Gambit (20:42)
  • Modern Chigorin Defence (34:55)
  • Flohr / Saitzev Variation (34:06).

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Alexei Shirov: My best games in the Sicilian

Since 1992, Alexei Shirov has belonged to the best players in the world. In a very short period of time he established himself as one of the absolute top guns, reaching rank four in the FIDE rankings and a rating of 2751 Elo. Many of his most brilliant games are characterised by his famous uncompromising attacking play, often leading to a finish that comes as a surprise – not only to the opponent, but also the spectators.

Shirov presents and explains his best games in a series of training DVDs in the Chess Media System. On this DVD, Shirov focuses on his most outstanding achievements in the Sicilian (except the Najdorf, which is dealt with on a separate DVD), a personal selection combining highest chess quality with aesthetic pleasure. His lectures are designed to not only explain the different opening lines, but also to present interesting and sometimes perplexing ideas and sacrifices in the middlegame.

On this training DVD, with a total playing time of nearly four hours, you will find Shirov games against Anand, Kramnik, Leko and other top players.


  • Intro & Kan Variation (40:33)
  • Taimanov Variation (34:51)
  • Paulsen System (30:03)
  • Sveshnikov Variation (23:10)
  • Rossolimo Variation 1 (31:04)
  • Rossolimo Variation 2 (30:48)
  • Richter-Rauzer Attack 1 (16:38)
  • Richter-Rauzer Attack 2 (23:19)

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Alexei Shirov: My best games in the Najdorf

Alexei Shirov can look back on an extraordinary chess career. Young Alexei became U-16 World Champion in 1988, and second in the World Junior Championship in 1990. He received his GM title in 1992, at the age of 20. Since then, Shirov has belonged to the absolute top players in the world. In 1998 he defeated Vladimir Kramnik in a ten-game qualification match that was staged to select a challenger for World Champion Garry Kasparov. Unfortunately, that title match never took place. In 2000 Shirov reached the final of the FIDE world championship, losing to Vishy Anand.

Shirov presents and explains his best games in a series of training DVDs in the Chess Media System. Shirov’s uncompromising style of play is also reflected in his manner of commenting his own games. He is perfectly objective, and in fact sometimes ruthlessly critical of himself. Even when he is dealing with highly acclaimed games, his judgement is unbiased – no glossing over critical positions where he did not find the optimal continuation.

Chess fans are treated not just to a portrait of this extraordinary player, but they can also learn a lot about the development of particular opening lines at top level in the course of time. On this DVD you will find his most brilliant games in the Sicilian Najdorf. Shirov’s duel with van Wely in the Najdorf Keres Attack is for sure one of the highlights, just as the presentation of one of his best games against Kasparov. More than three hours entertainment and enlightenment, all packed in one.


  • Intro (01:58)
  • Najdorf with 6.Be2 (29:56)
  • Najdorf deviations 1 (21:52)
  • Najdorf deviations 2 (15:09)
  • Scheveningen System (45:45)
  • Keres Attack 1 (14:03)
  • Keres Attack 2 (20:45)
  • Keres Attack 3 (23:01)
  • Keres Attack 4 (29:46)

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