Sharp claws for the sharp-eyed

by ChessBase
4/23/2003 – We have a winner! We had over 1000 correct answers, but the cruel and random hand of Fate has decided that only one gets the free copy of the new Chess Tiger 15.0. But we have a consolation prize for everyone else. If you don't have Tiger you don't have your own cool glass 3D board, so we made some lovely wallpaper for you. But you just might be the winner!

ChessBase 17 - Mega package ChessBase 17 - Mega package

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Chess Tiger 15.0 Easter Egg Hunt Winner

Congratulations to the many clever folks who found the names Hoffman, Lautier, and Panno hidden in the image. We'll have to make it harder next time. You can see the three wins by Tiger over these GMs here. If you couldn't find the names, the locations are revealed here.

Some people were smart enough to find the names but not smart enough to read the instructions of the contest. At least not the part that said "one entry per person"! C'mon guys, we get enough spam without getting a dozen identical submissions sent in at the same minute. Delete!

Without further delay, hmmm, tick, tick, tick... we present the winner! This lucky person will be able to make glass 3D boards all day, play online at, and spar with the fearsome new Chess Tiger engine. And the name of the winner is... oh, did we mention that Chess Tiger once topped the famous SSDF rating list? That it scored 9.5/11 in a GM tournament, a 2781 performance? And that was the last version! Read more about the new Chess Tiger 15.0.

Wait, are we forgetting something? Tell them about playing online, check. Tell them about the cool interface and database features, check. Hmm, strong engine, yes, yes. That they can buy it online now, check. Get milk at the store? No, that wasn't it... Oh, we forgot to tell you about Brjann Sigurgeirsson of Sweden, the winner of the Easter Egg contest and a copy of the new Chess Tiger! Congratulations Brjann!

Wallpaper Tiger

Now now, no crying. To show you there are no hard feelings, below you can download this great Chess Tiger wallpaper in different sizes and without the GM names. It makes a beautiful background for your desktop. (We mean your monitor. We aren't suggesting you print this out 2,000 times and paper your wall with it, although that's fine if you like.)

Choose the size that is closest to your screen resolution. (You can determine this by right-clicking your Windows desktop and clicking 'properties' and then going to the 'settings' tab.) Click the link and then right-click the image. Choose 'Set as Background' ('Set as Wallpaper" in Netscape and Mozilla). There you go! If it doesn't fit your entire screen check that you have the right size and/or go to 'properties' and the 'desktop' tab and change the position to 'center' or 'stretch'.

800x600  –  1024x768  –  1280x1024

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