Sergey Karjakin (13) beats women's vice champion

2/6/2003 – The Dannemann match between world women's vice champion Alexandra Kosteniuk (18) and GM Sergey Karjakin (13) ended in a 4:2 victory for the Unkrainian chess prodigy. The games, played in the spectacular surrioundings of the Swiss Alps, was covered live with the help of our ChessBase Flash program. We bring you all six games annotated by experts. You will find these and some new pictures here.

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Alexandra Kosteniuk (18)
Sergey Karjakin (13)

Match at the Centro Dannemann,
with live coverage (click "Live Übertragung")

Feb 1 and 2: games start at 12 noon
Feb 3 to 6: start at 14:00 CET

Replay the first game


13-year-old child prodigy and world's youngest grandmaster Sergej Karjakin of the Ukraine has won the Dannemann Classico in Brissago over the 18-year-old women's vice champion of the world Alexandra Kosteniuk, Russia. The final score was 4:2

Youngest GM of all times: Sergei Karjakin, who just turned thirteen

Women's vice champion of the world Alexandra Kosteniuk

Here are all the annotated games (for replay and download)

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