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1/22/2015 – The ChessBase Shop is a treasure trove for every chess fan. ChessBase 13, Deep Fritz 14, Komodo 8 and the Mega Database help you to organize and improve your chess. Moreover, the shop also offers more than 300 training DVDs, a lot of them about openings. And the product finder helps you to quickly find the DVDs you are interested in. Try it out!

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Enter the position - find the opening!

When Magnus Carlsen played with White against Teimour Radjabov in round eight of the Tata Steel tournament in Wijk aan Zee he apparently was not in the mood for a Berlin endgame and played 4.d3. The reference function in ChessBase 13 shows how popular this approach against the Berlin is by now.

At first, 4.d3 might seem to be a bit toothless. However, as Carlsen showed against Radjabov, White still has ample opportunities for a lively game and attacking chess.

Maybe this line is something for you? Have a look what the ChessBase Shop has to offer. Go to the shop and click "Product finder with board" at the left hand side of the page.

Now you can enter the opening moves of the opening, line or variation you are interested in. Right from the start, immediately after you enter the first move, the program offers you DVDs, in which the position on the board was explained. Very comfortable, lots of fun! Of course, the DVDs are already sorted according to relevance.

But as strong as Carlsen might play, you do not have to copy him blindly. Maybe you want to polish your opening lines? Just take your most recent tournament games, enter the moves, and find out which authors dealt with your openings and which DVDs help you to deepen your repertoire! Give it a try, have fun and get better!

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