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3/2/2007 – The Dutch enterprise is a collection of currently 14 artists who have used the theme of chess in their works. Schaakkunst organized its first exhibition in April of 2006 and is now present at chess tournaments like the Dutch Championship and Wijk aan Zee. A full exhibition will be opened next week. Samples.

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Exhibition “Dutch Chess Art” opens March 11th, 2007

In the summer of 2005, Margreet Wevers and Geert van Tongeren had an idea of doing something around chess and art. They called this project and the company Schaakkunst (schaak = chess and kunst = art). Schaakkunst made contact with several artists who use the theme chess in their work. In August of 2005 they started the website, in the beginning with only two artists and their own works.

Schaakkunst organized a first exhibition in April of 2006. After that there was a fast progress. Meanwhile they are often present at chess tournaments with works of chess art. The organizers of tournament are very pleased with this, because players and visitors can see more than only the combat at the chessboard. For example: Schaakkunst was present in Hilversum during the Dutch Championship Chess and they were present at the Corus Chess Tournament in January of 2007.

In the meantime about 14 more artists have joined this original initiative. With them and with their chess art, has became a large site with many various art works. Most of the work shown is for sale and can be found at the online shop.

The next comprehensive exhibition of Schaakkunst will take place during March and April 2007. The location is in Druten (a small village nearby Nijmegen in the Netherlands). One can not only admire paintings and sculptures, but also beautiful chess sets.

"Game of Religions” by Alie Kalverda

Very special is the famous “Game of Religions” made by Dutch artist Alie Kalverda. She made this bronze chess set in 2006 as a protest against the war in Iraq. More about this exhibition can be found at the official site.

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