Sarunas Sulskis wins 96th edition of the Hastings Masters

by Klaus Besenthal
1/7/2023 – Lithuanian grandmaster Sarunas Sulskis was the only player, out of the 95 participants, to achieve an 8/10 score at the 96th edition of the traditional Hastings Masters. In second to fourth place finished Bence Korpa (Hungary), Oleg Korneev (Spain) and Mark Hebden (England), each with 7½/10. Rating favourite Romain Edouard (France) finished fifth on 7/10. | Photo: Official site

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Patience pays off

Before the final round, Bence Korpa, Sarunas Sulskis and Oleg Korneev each had 7/9 points, but in round 10 Sulskis was the only one to score a full point.

In the game against the Russian grandmaster Alexander Cherniaev, who now plays for England, Sulskis patiently made the most of his space advantage as he only struck when the time was right.


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Final standings

Rk. Name  TB1 
1 Sulskis Sarunas 8
2 Korpa Bence 7,5
  Korneev Oleg 7,5
  Hebden Mark L 7,5
5 Edouard Romain 7
  Petrov Martin 7
  Clarke Brandon Gi 7
  Gormally Daniel W 7
  Murphy Conor E 7
  Kueppers Timo 7
11 Nagy Gabor 6,5
  Grieve Harry 6,5
  Davies Nigel R 6,5
  Lalic Bogdan 6,5
  Cherniaev Alexander 6,5
  Bazakutsa Svyatoslav 6,5
  Pollack Oscar 6,5
  Golding James 6,5
19 Golding Alex 6
  Chan Kim Yew 6
  Anand Batsukh 6
  Latzke Boris 6
  Hryshchenko Kamila 6
  Walker Martin G 6
  Ismail Mohammed Aayan 6

...95 players

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Klaus Besenthal is computer scientist, has followed and still follows the chess scene avidly since 1972 and since then has also regularly played in tournaments.