Russian Cup gold for Jakovenko and Bodnaruk

by Albert Silver
12/20/2013 – The Russian Cup Final has finally concluded with two winners after twelve months of competition and a final phase to determine the grand prize winners. Anastasia Bodnaruk overcame Margarite Schepetkova for the Women's gold, while Dmitri Jakovenko and Vladimir Fedoseev made the final. Fedoseev, who had arrived with 100%, was finally stopped by Jakovenko who took gold. A large photo report.

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The Russian Cup Final has finally concluded with two winners after twelve months of competition and a final phase to determine the grand prize winners.

Before the start of their semi-finals, Vladimir Fedoseev and Sanan Sjugirov have
a little snack

Anastasia Bodnaruk arrives for her showdown with...

...Margarita Schepetkova who is aleady at her seat.

They both contemplate the game ahead

Dmitri Jakovenko and Sanan Sjugirov start their semi-final match

Jakovenko was the top seed and won all his matches in the classical time control

Sanan Sjugirov was the first player to challenge him and force a tiebreak

Fedoseev preparing for battle with Boris Savchenko

However, his opponent was not there, and after seven minutes after the start,
it was clear something was wrong, since according to the rules of the tournament
a player can not arrive later than ten minutes after the clocks are started.
Eight minutes, nine ...

...Time is up and the arbiter collects the scoresheets. Much to the chagrin of his
fans, Boris Savchenko explained that he confused the start time of the round.

A win is a win and Fedoseev continues to have 100% as he enters the final

Anastasia Bodnaruk overcame her opponent, confirming her top rank

Chief arbiter Stanislav Januszewski and Ugra Chess Academy director Galina
Kovaleva award Margarita Scheptekova and Anastasia Bodnaruk with silver
and gold medals  

GMs Igor Kovalenko , Vladimir Onischuk , Boris Savchenko and Pavel Smirnov
come to cheer their friends

Sjugirov (left) was unable to resist and fell in the tiebreak phase

Both Boris Savchenko (right)...

... and Sanan Sjugirov shared third place

This meant that Dmitri Jakovenko and Vladimir Fedoseev would decide the title

Fedoseev considers his opening

Jakovenko is already full concentrated

In game one they drew, but in game two after a poor opening choice, Jakovenko
won and took the title

The post-mortem after the deciding game

Vladimir Fedoseev (silver) and Dmitri Jakovenko (gold)

Pictures by Eteri Kublashvili


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