Russia wins Online Olympiad 2021

by André Schulz
9/16/2021 – In the finals of the 2. FIDE Online Olympiad Russia had to play against the USA, and in this match Russia was seen as the favourite. The Russian team lived up to this role: by winning both matches of the finals 3.5:2.5 the Russians also won the Online Olympiad 2021. | Photos: FIDE

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The FIDE Online Olympiad 2021 ended on Wednesday, 15 September with a match between Russia and the USA. In the semi-finals Russia had defeated China while the USA had narrowly won against India after a blitz-playoff.

According to rating the Russian players had a clear plus and thus were favourites. The Russian Chess Federation had gathered its players for the Online Olympiad at the Central Chess Club in Moscow, the US players were playing from their homes.

Last year, in the final of the 1. FIDE Online Olympiad, Russia had played against India and both teams were declared co-winners because the Indian players had suffered from massive problems with their online connections. But this year things went smoothly, without any connectivity-trouble.

Russia won the finals, but the USA scored the first full point of the day when Awonder Liang defeated Andrey Esipenko. Russia countered with wins by Vladislav Artemiev (against Ray Robson) and Aleksandra Goryachkina (against Irina Krush), eventually winning the first match 3.5:2.5.

In the second match, the games on the top boards ended without winners, but Alexandra Kosteniuk won in grand style against Irina Krush.


White won with 23.Qe5+ Rg7 23...Qxe5 24.Rxh7# 24.Rd8+ Qxd8 25.Rxh7+ Kg8 26.Qxg7# 1–0

Leya Garifullina defeated Thalia Cervantes and though Awonder Liang also won his second game against Andrey Esipenko this was not enough. In the end Russia also won the second match 3.5:2.5.

Immediately after the end of the second match, long-time USA captain IM John Donaldson sent a polite sportsmanlike message to the organizers: "Please extend the congratulations of the American captain and players to the Russian team on a match well played".

Before the start of the 2. Online Chess Olympiad, the Russian President Vladimir Putin had welcomed the participants, emphasising the importance of chess in Russia.

August 13, 2021
Moscow, Kremlin

To the participants and organizers of the second FIDE Online Chess Olympiad

Dear friends,

FIDE Online Olympiad, successfully held in 2020, united thousands of people in many countries and was widely accepted by both specialists and fans of this ancient intellectual game. I am genuinely happy that this tradition continues, and today we open the second edition of this global tournament in an online format. I congratulate you on the start of this big, important event.

I am sure that the current Olympiad will be held at a high organizational and competitive level, make a notable contribution to unlocking the significant potential of online chess, and serve the development of modern information technology, which is designed to provide fans and participants with new, truly unique opportunities. And, of course, this tournament, taking place in difficult conditions, will contribute to maintaining the usual busy schedule of chess competitions.

I wish you good luck and bright, unforgettable moments filled with original creative solutions and brilliant victories.

V. Putin


Round 1, 15.09.2021, 1630 UTC
Br. 2
Elo - 1
Elo 2½:3½
1.1 GM
Xiong, Jeffery
2730 - GM
Dubov, Daniil
2770 ½ - ½
1.2 GM
Robson, Ray
2605 - GM
Artemiev, Vladislav
2757 0 - 1
1.3 GM
Krush, Irina
2392 - GM
Goryachkina, Aleksandra
2502 0 - 1
1.4 IM
Paikidze, Nazi
2402 - GM
Kosteniuk, Alexandra
2517 ½ - ½
1.5 GM
Liang, Awonder
2397 - GM
Esipenko, Andrey
2628 1 - 0
1.6 FM
Cervantes Landeiro, Thalia
1936 - IM
Shuvalova, Polina
2394 ½ - ½
Round 2, 15.09.2021, 1730 UTC
Br. 1
Elo - 2
Elo 3½:2½
1.1 GM
Dubov, Daniil
2770 - GM
Xiong, Jeffery
2730 ½ - ½
1.2 GM
Artemiev, Vladislav
2757 - GM
Swiercz, Dariusz
2649 ½ - ½
1.3 GM
Kosteniuk, Alexandra
2517 - GM
Krush, Irina
2392 1 - 0
1.4 GM
Lagno, Kateryna
2521 - IM
Zatonskih, Anna
2327 ½ - ½
1.5 GM
Esipenko, Andrey
2628 - GM
Liang, Awonder
2397 0 - 1
1.6 WGM
Garifullina, Leya
2238 - FM
Cervantes Landeiro, Thalia
1936 1 - 0




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